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Where is the thermostat on a 1990 Ford Ranger XLT truck?

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First, you will want to follow the top radiator hose to the point where it connects to the engine. The metal tube, or "neck" that it connects to is the thermostat housing. This housing should have two bolts. After you remove these two bolts, pull the housing off and you will see the thermostat. you may have to pry the old thermostat out, considering the gasket may be stuck. If by some chance the top radiator hose just connects to the intake or head without the presence of the thermo housing, then check the lower radiator hose. The process will be the same as for the top hose. Good luck. I hope I have helped.

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My 1994 Ford truck continues to overheat, how can I repair a stuck thermostat?

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What do you need to change a thermostat on a Ford truck?

Tools a new thermostat and gasket and coolant

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