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Where is the torque converter lockout solonoid located on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 2wd 318 and does it require transmission removal for replacement?


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2007-08-06 02:58:39
2007-08-06 02:58:39

the solonoid is located inside the transmission, once the pan is removed i believe that it is located on the passenger side close to the front. I would find exact instructions but the back yard mechanic can do this with basic tools. If you're interested it shouldn't be too hard to pull the pan and look (only 2 solonoids inside with electrical connections - 1 for converter and 1 for o/d).


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When you take off the transmission oil pan, you'll see it. Follow the wire from the electrical connector where it comes in to the trans. Ed

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the tcc solonoid is located under the side pan however I highly doubt the solonoid is the prob

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The torque converter is located between the engine output shaft and the transmission. Have to drop transmission to remove.

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It is on the valve body, inside the transmission.It is on the valve body, inside the transmission.

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