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Where is the tranny location on a 1990 civic lx?

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Bolted to the rear of the engine. Normally it is on the drivers side, but not always.

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Can you put a tranny from 98 Honda lx in to a Honda dx?

can u put a tranny from a 98 Honda civic lx in to a 97 Honda civic dx

What does code A13 mean on 2006 Honda civic lx?

oil and tranny fluid replacement

1990 Honda Civic lx what is the capacity of the freon that goes in the air cond system?

My 1990 Honda civic LX took 2 pounds of refrigerant when i got it refilled from completely empty.

How hard is to change a civic from automatic to a 5 speed tranny?

i have a civic lx with a d15b7 and i have a b18 integra with 5 speed tranny. i whant to know how hard is to change from automatic to a 5 speed for the extra pedal for the clutch

Location of crankshaft sensor 2001 Honda civic lx?

in the distribuitor (inner)

What does the lx stand for in the Honda Civic lx?

The LX in Honda Civic LX refers to the car's design trim. It means that the Honda Civic has a special exterior design that is different from the base design of the Honda Civic.

Are Honda Civic lx engine 1994 and Honda Civic lx 1996are the same?

no, they are not

What are the numbers on the distributor for a 1993 Honda Civic LX?

what are the numbers on the distributor for a 1993 Honda civic LX

Location of power window relay for Honda civic lx?

A Power window relay for a Honda Civic LX are located on the under side of the engine compartment fuse box. Located above the large square relay on the fuse box.

Where is the IAC valve located on a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

where is the iac valve on a 99 honda civic lx?

Disconnect the auto door lock system on Honda Civic LX 2007 Owners manual instructions don't work?

I have the same question, the owners manual is wrong about this. I have a 07 Civic 4 door LX automatic. The owners manual has several variations depending on what you want and if its an automatic or manual tranny.

What motor oil and transmission fluid do you use on an automatic 2001 Honda Civic LX?

5w20 motor oil And for the tranny only use authentic Honda ATF.

Can a 1990 Honda Accord 5 speed transmission be used in a 1990 Honda Civic LX?

no, 2 different engine blocks, it wont bolt up

How much horse power will a Honda civic 1990 lx have if a you put a cold air intake and racing headers?

Not Much!

Where is the location of the ECM on the 1995 Civic LX?

look under the carpet on the passenger side floorboard may be near the firewall.

Would a 1997 Honda accord engine fit a 1995 Honda Civic ex lx or ne Honda Civic?


What civic has the D16y7?

1996-2000 civic lx and HX models, the LX is non v-tec and the HX is v-tec

Does a 2001 civic lx have vtec?

no lx has vtec,,, no the only EX had vtec's

What is the spark plug gap for a 1989 Honda Civic lx?

The spark plug gap for a 1989 Honda Civic LX is .044" (1.11mm).

Will 1857014 tires fit a Honda Civic?

yes if it is a 2001 civic lx

Where is the ignition coil located on a 1990 Honda Civic LX?

if's it's a 1.5 or 1.6 ltr. it's in side the distributer cap.

Is the Honda accord LX safer than than the Honda Civic LX?


Where is the Fuze to shut down the AC compressor on the 2002 Honda Civic lx?

Where is the AC compressor fuze located on the 2002 honda civic lx?

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Honda Civic LX?

Where is the thermostat in a Honda Civic 02

How much does an alternator cost on 1999 civic lx?

Around $100 - go to and type this sentence -> price alternator1999 civic lx It will give you prices.

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