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Where is the transmission dipstick hole located on a 1996 transmission?


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2004-12-15 13:45:11
2004-12-15 13:45:11

It's small, only an inch across so look hard. FRONT Wheel Drive: Check to the sides of your engine. REAR Wheel Drive: Check in back of your engine next to the firewall.


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You fill the transmission through the dipstick

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manual transmissions don't have dipsticks. you have to check it at the hole in the side of your transmission. It will most likely be in about the center and have a hole that the ratchet will fit. or look like a big bolt head sticking out. the fluid should be up to the bottom of the hole.

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should be on the right side when looking into the engine bay (drivers side) towards the front of the car near the wiper fluid and coolant caps. if its a manual there is no dipstick just a fill hole

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The transmission dipstick of an automatic 1993 Colt Vista is located on the passenger's side and is topped with a white handle. Manual Colt's do not have a dipstick. They instead have a fill hole directly on the transmission.

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There is no dipstick. You check the fluid through the fill hole on the side of the case. The fluid should be level with the bottom of the hole.

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