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Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1987 Nissan Sentra?


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2006-01-21 12:35:18
2006-01-21 12:35:18

I have a 91 sentra and it is hard to find. Look down between the battery and the air breater box. it is on top of the trany. Takes a keen eye and a small hand but it is there, looks like an oil dipstick. It has no dipstick. there won't be a dipstick. it's a plastic plug on the front bottom right side of the transmission. it's easier to work with from underneath. you pull that out and stick your pinkie finger in there. the fluid should be at the top edge of the hole.


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It is located in or on the transmission.

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The speed sensor is in the engine compartment on a 1995 Nissan Sentra GXE automatic transmission. It is on the back of the transmission.

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can u show me where is the speed sensor for a nissian sentra located at on the transmission

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If you have a transmission "Dipstick" which most cars do, you can slowly poor the tranny fuid in there (using a funnel) until it is at the appropriate level.(The dipstick will look a lot like your oil dipstick under your hood)

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