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Where is the transmission fluid dipstick on 2000 Volkswagen Passat?


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where is the Transmission Fluid dipstick

on a 1999 Volkswagen v6

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The transmission is serviced with lifetime fluid and does not have a dipstick. The fluid can be changed by the dealership with a special tool.

There is no transmission dipstick on automatic or manual transmission Passats. The automatic (tiptronic) transmissions have a "lifetime" fluid that can generally only be changed by the dealer.

In a 2006 Volkswagen Passat, the transmission fluid symbol warning light is located on the odometer. The yellow light is a representation of the engine with the word check .

There's no dipstick in new passat, you have to take it to the dealership where they have a special device that hook up to your transmission.

I guess that you are puzzled by the lack of a transmission dipstick....there isn't one! See the following site for an illustrated guide to changing/checking the auto-transmission fluid. Enjoy

It don't have one. It is filled for "lifetime" with very special and expensive transmission fluid.

You can check your 1996 Cadillac Eldorado transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick. The transmission dipstick will have fluid level indicators at the bottom of the dipstick.

it doesnt have one vw thought that the trany fluid would never need to be changed

You can find the 2005 Toyota transmission fluid dipstick on the left-hand side of the transmission. The transmission fluid dipstick will have a blue handle.

I have a 99 jetta, and you are unable to check the transmission fluid on your own. You will have to take it to a service station where they will check it for you for free.

You can't change the transmission fluid on any volkswagon Passat no matter what the year. I have a 2004 volkswagen passat and my friend accidently let the transmission fluid out instead of the oil , and I had to spend 311 dollars to get it all replaced. The volkswagon car dealership out here, where I live, said that they are the only ones who can change the transmission fluid on this particular model vehicle. Sorry, about that

You can check the transmission fluid level in your 1998 Chevrolet Corvette with the transmission fluid dipstick. The transmission fluid dipstick will have indicating marks as to the level of the transmission fluid.

you realy need a VW agent as the level is checked using a diagnostic tool.

There is no dipstick by design, this is a dealer service only, or authorized VW servce center.

the VW dealership told me it is a sealed transmission. So drive it till it drops. At least that's what they told me.

No dipstick on the manual transmission , fluid level is checked underneath the car at the transmission fill plug

If it is an automatic transmission, then it should have a dipstick to check the fluid level. Depending on the make and model, the location of this dipstick will vary. If it is a manual transmission, then the fluid level really can't be checked and it will not have a dipstick.

The dipstick cover is labeled Transmission Fluid. Transmission fluid on a 2000 Ford Mustang is added in the neck of the dipstick tube after the dipstick has been removed.

The transmission fluid dipstick, on a 2006 Cadillac CTS, is located near the back of the engine compartment. The transmission fluid dipstick should have a yellow handle.

Transmission fluid is filled by pouring the fluid directly into the dipstick tube. Be careful to put fluid in the correct dipstick. The transmission dipstick is located on the passenger's side, closest to the firewall (the cab). Remove the dipstick, use a funnel and fill.

where is the location of transmission fluid dipstick on a Toyota highlander hybrid 2006

Transmission fluid goes down the dipstick tube. The transmission dipstick not the oil dipstick. use a skinny funnel. do not over fill.

For automatic transmission: remove transmission dipstick, put fluid in dipstick tube with funnel. be careful not to overfill.

power steering reservoir is small orange cap left front of engine dipstick should be obvious near there and manual gearbox has no dipstick

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