Where is the turning signal flasher locate on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am?

First, go buy the signal apparatus so you will know what it looks like. Lay down where your feet go and look up at the black plastic panel. Remove the plastic panel underneath the steering column. It should have four Phillips head screws.

Now get yourself a flashlight and small mirror. There is a BIG trunk of wires under there and you may need to unscrew the one screw holding that in place in order to make some room. The little mirror and light deal will help you actually see things. There are actually two relays (the round things that make the lights blink) - one runs the hazard flashers and the other runs the turn signals. There is a "convenience block" that might be blue in color. It has one round relay and one square one. The square one is the HORN RELAY. The Round is the hazards. Turn hazards on and put your finger on it and you will feel the clicking (assuming it is working). So, if you are after the flasher relay, that is NOT IT! It is a PAIN to get it back in there 'cause you can't see and have no room and are working completely blindly. So, if you don't have to pull it, don't! Now, look more towards the outside wall. You will eventually find, high up and against it the FLASHER relay. If it is OEM, it is round, and metal and hanging there by a little clip. Pull it out of the clip - the whole clip deal may come along for the ride. Change it and then hang it back where you found it or tape it, tie it somewhere out of the way.

Hook the wire bundle back up, put panel back, and you are good as new.

Before doing all the above, check for bad bulbs and fuse. Also, if this relay replacement does not do the trick, the combo switch in the steering column could be bad and causing your troubles. Run it back and forth a few times - that might get it working again and then you can think about throwing 80-100$ at it to put in a new one.

This is a good answer,but i didnt need to disconnect the wire bundle. Once you find the blue box that's right behind the mass of wires,just fish your hands around the right side(looking at box from floorboard) till you feel something round, go ahead and pull it down, Its attached by a clip ,I had to pry the wires off of it . Then i replaced it with a new one which was alot bigger than the original but that was fine, i believe most are the same. I left it hanging so in the future it would be right there, cause it was a pain looking for it till i got this answer. Its a little higher than the blue box and about 3 inches to the right(when looking from floorboard).