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In the alternator

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Q: Where is the voltage regulator located on a1982 Chevy g30 van?
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Can a 1980-1984 Oldsmobile cutlass parts fit a1982 Chevy caprice?

no.Oldsmobile and Chevy don't mix

Where is the ground wire for a1982 Chevy Celeberty?

The battery ground wire runs from the battery to the engine block.

Why would the steering be real sloppy on a1982 Chevy blazer?

Have the front end checked via a wheel alignment

Are there other years that interchange with a1982 Chevy c10 pick-up disc brake spindle?

The years 1983 and 1984 disc brake spindles are interchangeable with a 1982 Chevy C10 pick up.

I have a1982 Chevrolet 305 and wan't to know were does the longies plug wire go?

to the furtherest plug! Plug #1 is probably the longest wire

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In '82 emissions equipment was fairly simple, especially on pickups. Definitely an EGR valve, purge canister, catalytic converter(s). Depending on engine there may have been a smog pump but I am not certain about your application. Maybe you can find a salvage yard around that will have some old trucks still pretty much intact and compare?

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