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Where is the washer fluid tank in a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier?


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2008-07-04 00:31:39
2008-07-04 00:31:39

The tank is located in front of the wheel, inside the front fender. It requires jacking up the car, removing the wheel, and removing the plastic fender guard. There are approximately 9 small screws to remove, and 2 plastic buttons in order to remove the fender guard. Then there are 3 more 10mm bolts that hold the tank in place. You might also need to remove the front headlamp assembly in order to reach 2 of the 10mm bolts.


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The right person to ask would be either someone who owns a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier or a mechanic at a Chevrolet dealership. This question is too complicated to answer in a simple manner.

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passenger side, right behind headlight

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The 2.8 litre (2800cc,173 60 degree v6 in a 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier z-24 was factory rated at 130 HP, torque came in at 160 ft. lbs.

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