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check your blower motor, located under the dash board. its on the passenger side. if the leak is on the drivers side, i have no clue. but my hubby's car is leaking water from the blower motor on the passenger side. found out at the car wash...

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โˆ™ 2011-10-31 03:50:51
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Q: Where is the water leak in your 94 Saturn SC2 that gets your floor mats wet?
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Tiles are warm is there a water leak?

If the tiles are warmer than usual then there is likely a leak on a hot water lin ebeneath the floor.

If you live in a second floor condo and there is a water leak that causes damage who is responsible?

If you live in a second floor condo and you rent the condo, the leak that causes damage is the responsibility of the owner of the building. If you own the condo, the leak is the responsibility of the owner of the condo with the leak.

What causes antifreeze to leak onto front passenger floor of a 2001 Saturn L series car?

Typically that leak is caused by a leak in the heating system. The heater core is under the dashboard, just above the passenger side.

Water leak on hardwood will the sub-floor get wet?

depends on how much water, but in all probability, yes

Why does your Ford Taurus get water on the passenger side floor?

Probably have a leak in the heater core>

Why does a 94 Saturn leak coolant if its cold?

Loose hose clamp or fitting? Thermostat housing loose? Expands when gets hot

How can l repair basement leaking water on the floor?

When repairing a leaky basement floor, First you must find the leak. Second assas the damage and what repairs you will need. Third fix the leak.

Why your front floor is wet in your Saturn when it rain?

Perhaps there is a leak in one of the windows or sunroof; or perhaps from the engine compartment under the dashboard.(wild guess)

Why does your Plymouth Neon Leak water onto the passenger floor when it rains?

There is obviously a leak in either the firewall/cowl area or the window seal.

Water leaking on passenger floor in Mazda protege?

Are you running the air conditioner? If the drain line is plugged, it will leak water (condensation) onto the passenger side floor.

How did you get water on the floor in the back seat of your Honda Fit?

sometimes window liners tend to leak.

2001 BMW 3 series water in the rear passenger footwell can you tell if this is a leak and how to solve fix it?

Dry up the water. Take the car to a car wash and spray it good around doors and windows. If a leak is not visible then check the floor during rain storms while driving to see if water is coming in through a leak in the floor.

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