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Where is the water pump for the 1996 Olds Aurora How do you change it?

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"in back ov ingen in right frent nexto airclrner small belt ok" this guy is a half as* yeah that is where it is but you need a specialty tool its like a 2 1/2 in or so socket that fits over the pump its internal. find this socket, good luck by the way, gm dealer has it. dont know if they sell it. if you live in a small town u might get a guy to loon it to ya for a day. might just have to pay the dealer for this one guy

2010-08-19 23:51:59
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What tools do you need to replace your water pump on a 1996 olds ciera?

how to change water pump on 1996 olds ciera and what tools do i nees

How do you install water pump on 95 olds aurora?

is it hard to replace a waterpump out of a oldsmobile aurora 95

Where are the camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensors located in a 1996 olds aurora?

where are the camshaft position

Is there a gasket on the intake manifold for 1995 aurora olds?

i am replacing the starter on olds 1995 aurora

96 Olds aurora wont start clicking noise from under the front panel.?

If the 1996 Olds Aurora will not start and there is a clicking noise from under the front panel, check the starter. The clicking noise is probably from the starter solenoid.

Is the turn signal relay on 99 olds aurora same location like the 98?

Yes All Aurora are a Like 1995-1996-1997-1998-1999

What is the firing order 1996 olds aurora?


What are the torque specifications for a 94 olds aurora for the intake?

Trick question. there isn't a 94 olds aurora.

Where under the hood is the starter for a 1996 olds aurora?

The Olds Aurora has the starter sitting inside of the engine. You'll need to take off the intake manifold to get to it, and even then its a tight squeeze. Once you get the intake manifold off it will be highly visible.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

The spark plug gap on a 96 Olds Aurora should be set at .050, and they should be torqued at 11 foot-pounds.

How do you reset the change oil light in a 96 olds aurora?

for a 1997 olds aurora you have to press the engine "eng" button till you get to the "change oil now" then press and hold the reset button till it says "oil life 100%". it should be the same for a 96.

How to change a tail light bulb on Olds Aurora?

Look at my answer for the question posted directly above this one.

How do you change windowshield wiper fuse on 2001 olds aurora?

To change windshield wiper fuse on a 2001 Olds Aurora, disconnect the negative battery cable. Then remove the nuts housing the wiper fuse under the steering wheel, on the left side. Remove the wiper and replace with new.Ê

Where is the water pump on a 1995 olds aurora and how hard is it to change?

find the top radiator hose and follow it to the other end and u will need a speacial tool from the parts store to remove it

What is the weight of a Olds Aurora 1998?


How many quarts of oil do you need for a 1995 olds aurora?

7 1/2 total when you also change the filter.

How do you change the belt tensioner on a 1996 Olds 98 3800?

Do you have diagram of 96 olds 98 putting a belt on an alternator.

How do you replace a starter on a 1996 olds aurora?

Remove intake manifold from top of engine. It's underneath See previous question about location of manifold

How do you remove the instrument cluster in a 2003 aurora?

Remove instrument cluster in a 2003 olds aurora

Where is the thermostat located on a 1995 olds aurora?

Follow the lower radiator hose on the back of the motor. It is in front of the water pump.

How do you change the battery in your 1995 olds aurora?

You just pop up the back and there it is. Side post 8mm socket/ratchet

Where is starter located on a 1996 olds aurora?

The starter is located under the intake manifold. It is in the VALLEY between the cylinder heads. Under the hood Under the hood

How do you change fuel pump on 1996 Olds 88?

You must remove the fuel tank.

What is the oil capacity for a 1999 olds aurora?

7-8 qts the 95 olds is 7.5 qts

2001 Olds Aurora 3.5 L blown head gasket how much to fix Ball park?

I have a 2001 OLds Aurora 4.0 and was quoted $5800.00 to change both head gaskets. Ouch! So I added sealer into rad hose and changed the thermostat seems o.k for now.