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Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Ford Escort 1.9L?


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2006-01-31 10:39:00
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passenger side of the vehicle, front of the motor if I remember correctly. Yes, but he didn't tell you to get at it you take off the fiber belt cover then the timing belt before you can get at the water pump. Plan on at least a 4 hour job because you have to take the cover off, BOTH belts the timing belt AND the serpentine belt. It is a VERY tight spot to work in not one of my most pleasant memories but it can be done by a DYI person. I have a wagon and on my car you may need to use a jack and a wide board to support the passenger side of the motor so you can unbolt the engine mount from the strut/fenderwell and "roll" it back for room. You probally will definitly need to remove the bracket that holds the alt. and alt. belt tensionor. (it's a one piece bracket I think) Those stupid Haynes books do leave a lot out.


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