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find radiator. follow top hose to where it enters engine. that is thermostat housing. water pump directly under it with belt-driven pulley on front of it

AnswerThe previous answer would be correct if the engine were not transerve. Since the engine sits in the bay sideways, the previous answer is completely useless. Beneath the water inlet housing on this model is the exhaust manifold--not hardly the water pump.

The water pump is on the left side of the engine bay if the repairman is standing in front of the car. The pulley for the water pump is the pulley nearly in the center of the block. The pulley is not grooved. The smooth side of the serpentine belt spins it. After removing the serpentine belt and the pulley, remove the eight bolts, four short and four long. It is also necessary to loosen the steering pump from the block since the steering pump pulley obstructs the far left bolt for the water pump.

Install in reverse order. The pulley bolts are 8mm, the smaller water pump bolts are 3/8" and the larger are 1/2".

You might also want to replace the thermostat at the same time.

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Q: Where is the water pump located on a 1996 Buick Lesabre?
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