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Where is the wiring to connect a brake controller on a 2006 jeep liberty with a factory tow option?

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My 2006 Liberty, Diesel, Factory Tow Package, had no provision to "plug in a brake controller". I had to hard wire everything. Ground & Positive directly to the battery. Found a rubber hole plug, above the gas pedal, punched 2 seporate holes in that to go through the firewall. I spliced the brake signal wire into the output from the brake light switch, that was the 5th. wire from the front on the switch. (test it before cutting) The Brake Control wire connection was as follows below: Remove the drivers side (left kick panel). Locate a white plastic cover, standing vertical, covering a large harness coming up from the floor. With cover removed, locate a 14 gauge solid red wire with a white tape marked "BRAKE". This wire will be loose, with a bare end, not connected to anything. It may be folded several times and will stretch out 15". This is the wire that goes to the rear bumper trailer elect. connection for the "Electric Brakes". Connect this end to your Brake Controller as per the instructions. True story.

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