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Where on a Chevy 350 motor do you plug in the wires to the cap?


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With cap in hand plug facing to your right....for right rear is battery,right front is tachometer. if you want to know where the number one sparkplg wire goes remove cap. remove number one spark plug. put finger in hole. bump engine over until it pushes your finger out. check position of rotor it should be facing the number one position and that is where you would put the number one plug wire.


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No. the plug wires are made different and the spark plugs ae NOT the correct heat range.

The oil drain plug on a 1994 Chevy 350 is on the underside of the motor. Look for a bolt in the very center of the bottom of the engine.

change only one wires at a time,matching each to length.

The a/c plug # is R44T or R44TS plug gap is .045

need more info. what year what motor?...factory motor or rebuld and what wires are you wanting to know

yes the 4.3L vortech has the same motor mounts as the 350

If the Buick 305 is really a Chevy 305, then the motor mounts will interchange with a Chevy 350.

The spark plug wires connect in the 7,3,5,1, 8, 6, 4, 2 order on the 350 motor for the Chevrolet Silverado made in 1990. This changes in the models built after 1990.

No difference in the engine. It is all in the trans and the rearend

NO. And it won't work in the place of the 97 350 vortec.

Yes it will, if the 350 intake is from a pre-1987 engine.

Answerbuy putting wires on right spark pi am Charles i need a firing order on a Chevy van 20 350engine v8 how doi put the spark plug wires on right

The 1989 Chevrolet 350 cubic inch engine spark plug gap is dependent upon the engine application. The most common spark plug gap for the Chevy 350 engine is .027.

AnswerThe spark plug gap is .035 on a 1993 GMC 350 TBI.

Yes it will as long as the 350 engine is not newer then a 1986

Check your battery to see if it is fully charged and your wires are clean and tight. If so, you probably need a solonoid.

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