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AnswerOn a 1980 240, the Power Steering pump is a one piece unit located on the front of the engine on the driver side.
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Q: Where on the 1980 240 series Volvo do you refill the power steering fluid?
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Where to refill Volvo S40 clutch fluid?

Where do you fill clutch fluid in a volvo

Power steering fluid for Volvo v50 2005 what type?

Fluid type: Volvo power steering fluid or equivalent.

Where do you refill the power steering fluid for a 1986 Toyota Corolla?

You can refill your 1986 Toyota Corolla power steering fluid through the power steering reservoir. The power steering reservoir will be on the left-hand side of the engine.

Where do you refill the power steering in a Fiat Punto 2004?

To refill the power steering fluid in a car, one must look under the hood. There is a yellow cap that says Power Steering Fluid only, this is where a person refills the fluid.

What type of power steering fluid does a 1991 Volvo 240 use?

The 240 Series Volvos use standard type power steering fluid. This type fluid is available at most any auto supply store.

What is that oil beside the wiper fluid on a Mazda mx3 precidia 1993 it's hetting low and you need to refill it tks?

power steering fluid. power steering fluid. power steering fluid.

What fluid do you use to refill steering fluid in 2001 ranger?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the power steering in a 2001 Ford Ranger

Why does the steering wheel make noise when turning?

It could be low Power Steering Fluid. You should refill it with the proper fluid as recommended by the manual.

What should you do if you pour antifreeze in the power steering reservoir?

Do not run the engine. You need to drain out the fluid antifreeze mixture.You can then refill the power steering fluid.

Where do you refill the power steering in a Fiat Punto 2001?

I think the Punto has electric power steering, so no fluid.

How replace power steering fluid Ford Escort?

Use a turkey baster to suck old fluid out, refill with new fluid.

Why is my power steering fluid milky?

Water in fluid as a result of leak or condensation. Time to flush and refill with new.

How to refill power steering fluid in Hyundai Elantra?

Does the 2007 Hyundai Elantra have a power steering pump? How do I check the fluid level? How often should it be replaced? Thanks.

Where do you refill power steering fluid in a 1989 Chevy c1500 PU?

The fluid reservoir should be built onto the power steering pump. There will be a cap on top to fill through.

What should be done if you put brake fluid in power steering reservoir?

have a repair shop flush the system and refill with the proper fluid.

What power steering fluid is correct?

You will find the the right one in ur owner Manuel, mine is Volvo s80 and the recommended fluid was not power steering oil it was ATF automatic transmission fluid, when I asked about that at orally they said if u use power steering fluid it will rewind ur power steering system.

How do you check power steering fluid in BMW 7 series?

Interested in doing preventative maintenance on my BMW 7 series and want to check/add power steering fluid. How do you do it?

How many qt it take to refill 2002 s60 Volvo transmission?

If you just use the drain plug to drain the fluid, it will only take about 3 to 3.5 qts to refill.

Is Volvo power steering fluid a mineral hydraulic fluid versus petroleum?

Power steering fluid specs for Volvo 1998 and older can use Dexron IIE or Volvo PN 1161317 2001 and newer may only use Volvo PN 30741424 or 1161529 (same product). Alternatives to the genuine Volvo fluid are Pentosin CHF11S, VW/AUDI G002000/G004000, and respective BMW, SAAB, MERCEDES, PORSCHE fluids that are based off Pentosin CHF11S. BG compatible part number for this fluid is 344.

Where do you refill the power steering fluid in a Mercedes 2003 C240?

How do you refill power steering fluid in a 1997 Toyota Camry?

Open the good on the right you will see two containers with fluids in it. One container is for coolant another one is for power steering fluid (it's written on the top of the container "Power steering").

How do you refill the power steering fluid on a 1988 Plymouth Reliant?

power steering pump is located on the left side behind the engine if you are looking head on at the car it has a dip stick to indicate how much fluid it needs.

Required power steering fluid for ford focus zx5?

At least for the 2005 model, the manual recommends using automatic transmission fluid to refill the power steering level in the car. Consult your manual to verify.

Where do you refill the steering fluid in your 2000 impala?

The Power Steering Pump & Reservoir is somewhat beside and below the Alternator, by the Firewall on the Passenger's Side. Remove Cap and check fluid level. Refill with a long neck funnel if required. A roll of paper towel might be usefull at cleaning up the mess.....

How do you refill power steering fluid on a ML500?

You can first open the hood. Then pour in the correct fluid until you reach the fill line and then put the lid back on.