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The starter on a 1988 Nissan Stanza can be found on the inner side of the engine. It is between the gear box and the engine block.

In front behind the engine. Follow the axels from each front wheel assembly, they will connect to the transaxel.

The speedometer sensor on a 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71 is located in the engine compartment. It is on the transfer case.

It is on the pass side of the rear of the engine.

check your speedometer sensor located back left of engine bay on top of the transmission

Attached to engine block right under alternator

Look at the lower end of engine -- follow + battery cable

Its in front off the engine on the right side and it has a red cap on it.

the speedometer switch is located at the rear of the diferential, remove wires clean and refit, that should cure it.

it should be located in the exhaust , just past where it comes from the engine When you pull the engine up, look for where your manifold is. Go down to the bottom of it and it's right there, across from the radiator.

The two bolts are reachable only ewhen you remove the air filter assembly and the battery. They can be found on the back/top part of the transaxel housing. One is adjacent to a bolt that secures the transaxel housing to the engine. The upper starter bolt is just slightl to the rear of it. ayou'll need a 14mm wrench for both bolts.

The 1990 Stanza only came with a 4 sylinder.

? The speedometer cable attaches to the transmission, not the engine. Please try again with more info.

The KA24e in the stanza does not use an air pump (SMOG pump in CA). Rather, it uses vacuum valves and a hose that runs from under the air box to the exhaust collector.

It's not a real hard job but it takes time. I did it in about 5 hours. - Remove battery - remove wheels and wheel assemblies - remove air filter and intake assemblies - remove backup light switch connector - remove and mark shifter assemblies - remove speedometer cable - remove 24mm plug from transaxel housing and drain fluid - remove plastic splash guards from font of body-10mm and 12mm wrenches - remove 30mm axel nuts from both sides - remove fron ball joint control arm bolts -14mm wrench - tap transaxels out - pull transaxels out from transmission - remoive starter cables -12mm wrench - remove 3 bolts on thin flywheel cover under car-10mm and 14 mm wrenches - remove transaxel bracket - 3 17mm bolts - remove lower transaxel -to-engine mount - 14 mm wrench go back up top and remove the 12mm bols holding the hydraulic slave cylinder on the front of the transaxel housing - losen only!!!! the upper transaxel-to-engine mount - remove the lower transaxel-to-engine mount - 17mm and 14mm bolts - position a jack under the engine oil pan to support engine - position a floor jack with wheels under transaxel housing - remove all bolt securing the transaxel housing - separate transaxel housing from engine and lower it - remove clutch cover - 12mm bolts - remove clutch - using a centering tool, install new clutch - re-install clutch cover - torque to 15 ft/lbs now, put it all back together. I found that the best way to re-attach the tyransaxel housing to the engine was to ust an engine hoist on wheels as I was doing this operation solo. If I'd had help, a motorcycle jack would have done quite nicely or a floorjack on wheels if I'd had two helpers Have fun..every real man must do at least one clutch replacement in his life.

When my 1994 Pontiac Transport is in park and idling the the speedometer runs erratically? Why?

Follow the speedometer cable to where it connects to the engine, the cable is the dipstick.

Your speed sensor is going out. it is located near where the engine is connected to the transmission but on the back side of the transmission near the bottom.

for the check engine light go to autozone and they will diagnose your engine for free as for the speedometer you will proobably have to replace the speed sensor

The 1990 Stanza could have damage, depending on which engine is in the vehicle. Check to see which engine you have, and if it is listed as an interference engine. If it is the interference type, then the valves are probably bent and destroyed.

towards the bottom of the motor follow the bottom radiator hose to the engine block and you should see four bolts for the thermostat housing

center of the engine, backside. can only really see it from underneath. it's about 12" from the oil filter, moving from passenger side to driver side (oil filter on passenger side of engine, starter on driver side of engine)

Look at the lower rear end of the engine

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