Where should questions about the paranormal or supernatural be placed?

Paranormal Questions

We now have a subtopic for the Supernatural and the Occult, under Religion and Spirituality.

Metaphysics, which means beyond the physical would be appropriate since metaphysics describes how it all works.

I don't believe in a lot of things simply because I have not experienced for myself. For example, my sister, who is no longer a part of this world says she once saw a flying saucer. Well, we all thought she was ludricrous but she had a PH.D and was quite intelligent. I don't believe in anything supernatural unless I have experienced it myself and I think that would describe the majority of us. I don't believe in astrology. I believe when you are reading your horoscope it is so ambiguous and vague it could apply to just about anyone. And, according to the astrology books; all the signs I am supposed to be compatible with (that my sign should be compatible with); I am not and also vice versa!! Which gives me further reason not to read it. sometimes I read two a day just for the fun of it. One from an English paper and one from a spanish one, but by the time I have translated the latter one; it is already the next day. I believe in mental telepathy because I knew my daughter was in danger when she was in a car accident because I just had this "feeling'. I told a few people "something has just happened to my daughter' and most of them were saying, "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing." Yet, I knew although we were miles apart. Within 9 minutes after sharing with my friends my morbid thoughts emphatically; a call came in from the police station that my daughter had been transported to the hospital in an almost fatal car crash. One of the people in the vehicle had become paralyzed for life but my daughter recovered within 9 months. Now, my daughter who is, like my older sister, aiming for her PH.D, still to this day shares with people how her mother knew at the point of impact when the vehicle she was in crashed because all my friends had told her over and over. I also believe in prophetic dreams because that has happened to me twice. I believe we only believe what we know. And my elder sister, God rest her soul; probably did indeed see that flying saucer.These questions should be placed where our hearts feel they should be placed.

Anecdotal 'evidence' like this above, is not a reliable or credible form of evidence.

When people go through a traumatic experience, they think back to that time very frequently. Their memory, distorted by the extremity of the event, is clouded and the brain compensates for it much the same way your eyes compensate for things that it cant see in optical illusions. What results, is retrospective analysis, whereby everything that goes along with an idea is remembered and organised in the brain, and everything that goes against that idea is ignored and forgotten. This is scientific and logical fact.

So i put my answer to you to hold your supernatural and paranormal questions to science. The reason why you may not wish to do so is because the paranormal and supernatural crumble before the reliable and credible method of explanation that is called science.