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Q: Where should the cervix be at end of pregnancy?
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What point in the pregnancy should you expect the doctor to check your cervix?

First and toward the end

Is the cervix opened or closed in early pregnancy?

i guess its never totally closed? so i should say in early pregnancy the cervix is "closed".

Where should the cervix be in late pregnancy?

I noticed mine to be low, I didn't no anything about cervix's back then and wondered what the hell it was!!

Where should the cervix be in middle pregnancy?

The cervix extends into your vagina and fills with mucus during pregnancy, this is called the mucus plug which is a protective barrier. When you're pregnant the cervix position is firm, long and closed until the third trimester

Does your cervix lengthen in pregnancy?


What position should a womens cervix be in after conception?

There is no specific "position" for the cervix to be in, if conception has occured. It will vary from woman to woman, and should not be relied upon to determine conception and pregnancy.

How open should your cervix be during early pregnancy?

During early pregnancy your cervix should not .....repeat not be open (dilated) at all. Later in your third trimester you may become 1-2cm dilated, this is a sign that labor is near.

Is a soft cervix a sign of pregnancy?

A womans cervix changes while her body is going through ovulation, period, progesterone cycles and vaginal discharge. I wouldn't rely on the cervix as being a indication of pregnancy. Do a pregnancy test.

When will you start to feel your cervix growing when pregnant?

Your cervix does not grow during pregnancy but the uterus does.

What is the pregnancy called when zygote implants in the fallopian tube abdomen ovary or the cervix?

A pregnancy in which the zygote implants in the fallopian tube abdomen ovary or the cervix is called an Ectopic pregnancy.

What is the average size of the cervix during pregnancy?

measurements of pregnancy in 5 weeks

Is the cervix hard during pregnancy?

The cervix is normal up until around the time of labor.

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