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the ABS Speed sensor is located on the center of the rear just ubove the drive shaft if you try to take it out first spray WD40 let it sit for a couple of minutes and then twist it this will help it not to break be very careful not to brake it can brake in side the rear and that would really suck and then it would be a bigger prodject Here is a website were you can buy one pretty cheep. Hope this Helps Jennifer

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โˆ™ 2006-08-09 23:30:51
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Q: Where the abs speed sensors located for a 2002 Ford Expedition equipped with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes?
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Where are the sensors located for the rear antilock brakes located?

The sensor locations will vary some between brands. Usually they will located close to the back of the rotor, they will be small bolted on units with a wiring connector.

Where are the smog sensors located on a 2002 Ford Expedition?

It's just below the left headlight

Where is the 2005 GMC air bag sensors located?

the front impact sensors are between the lower radiator support and front bumber. If equipped with side impact sensors they would be located in the panel the front seatbelt straps pull out from. The rear sensors are located between the rear bumper and rear axle on the frame rail

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1996 Chrysler Concorde?

The transmission speed sensors are located on the driver side of the transmission case. Those are also where the speedometer signal comes from. The abs sensors (if equipped) are located at each wheel bearing.

Why would the ABS light come on intermittently in your 1999 Ford Expedition?

Wheel speed sensors, or your ABS Sensor on rear axle housing if so equipped

Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 2000 Ford Expedition?

there are 4 different ones i know that the two back ones are located almost under the back passengers.

Where are the sensors bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 1 located on a 2003 ford expedition motor 4.6?

Those are the oxygen sensors in the exhaust above the catalytic converters.

Is it true a 1996 Chevy blazer does not have air bag sensors?

If it is equipped with air bags of course it has sensors.

Would bad oxygen sensor cause bas esp light to come on in 2008 magnum?

No. BAS (brake assist system) and ESP (electronic skip protection) are part of the antilock brake system. They have nothing to do with the oxygen sensors.No. BAS (brake assist system) and ESP (electronic skip protection) are part of the antilock brake system. They have nothing to do with the oxygen sensors.

How do you change the updraft oxygen sensors on your '98 Expedition?

The 02 sensors are in the exhaust pipes but don't know about the updraft sensors.

How do you tell if you have 2 or 4 wheel antilock brakes?

Two wheel abs will only have wheel speed sensors in the rear. Four wheel abs will have wheel speed sensors at all four wheels.

Does a car need all oxygen sensors?

If it came equipped with them when new, yes.

Location of o2 sensor V0-10 1998 dodge 2500?

1996 and later gasoline engines are equipped with pre and post catalyst O2 sensors. The sensors are located in the exhaust mainfold one before the catalytic converter and one after.

Where are the O2 sensors located?

All O2 sensors are threaded into the exhaust system at various points. Upstream O2 sensors are located before the catalytic converter(s) and downstream O2 sensors are located after the catalytic converter(s).

Where are the wheel speed sensors located on a 1999 Ford F150?

If it has 4 wheel antilock brakes, the rear speed sensor is in the rear end. There is a 10mm bolt that holds it in place. One the front there is a sensor for each wheel. It will be at the hub and have a wire going to it.

Where are the speed sensors on 2000 Dodge 1500?

The vehicle speed signal comes form the rear axle abs sensor, which is located on top of the rear axle. If equipped with 4 wheel abs, there are also sensors at each front wheel bearing. If equipped with an automatic transmission, there is an output speed sensor on the driver side rear of the transmission case that is used for shift timing.

How many oxygen sensors does a 2000 Plymouth Voyager have?

The 2000 Plymouth Voyager had three engine options for that year, the 2.4L, 3.0L, 3.3L engines. If your vehicle was equipped with the Flex Fuel system or (TLEV) Transitional Low Emission Vehicle, it wouldn't make a difference. The Plymouth Voyager was only equipped with two oxygen sensors, one usually located up at the engine and one usually located down on the exhaust after the catalytic converter.

Why antilock brake light stays on in 1994 Ford Taurus?

There is probably a broken wire at one of the wheel sensors. If you can not find a bad wire have the ABS scanned.

Where is the ABS speed sensor in a 1998 expedition?

if your looking for the front abs sensors thay are located in the hubs, and would have to remove front tire, brakes,caliper, and rotor to remove.

Are parts available online to bypass the oxygen sensors on a 2000 Ford Expedition?


How many oxygen sensors does your expedition have?

It has 4 oxygen sensors 2 before the cat. and 2 after the cat. $ 50.00 each at Auto Zone.

Where do you find an oxygen sensor on a 1999 ford F150?

O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.O2 sensors are always located on the exhaust system.

Where is the o2 sensor located in a 99 expedition?

You have (4) O2 sensors of the (97 to 99) Two are in front of the CAT. (Catalytic Converter). and the other two are behind the CAT. (Catalytic Converter).

What does ABS light means on a 1997 Chevy cavaliers?

abs stands for antilock brake system. If the light is on, you have probably got a problem with one of your wheel speed sensors.

Where is the camshaft sensors located on Mercedes 2002 1800cc engine?

where is the camshaft sensors located on Mercedes 2002 1800cc engine