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Most oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust manifold or just after the manifold on the exhaust pipe(s). Your truck probably has two oxygen sensors, one on each side.

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Q: Where to Install the Oxygen sensor on a 1986 F-150 XLT?
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Where is the Oxygen sensor 1986 f150 ford 5.0 located?

Just downstream after the exhaust manifold

How do you tell if the oxygen sensor is bad on a 1998 ford F150?

An auto xray scanner can determine if a O2 sensor is bad.

How do you install a throttle position sensor on a 99 F150?

Disconnect the battery. On the side of the throttle body, disconnect the wiring from the position sensor. Remove the bolts from the sensor, and lift the sensor off, reverse the procedure to install the new one.

Where is the knock sensor on a 1986 ford f150?

what eng. do you have? if it is a 5.4 or a 4.6 it is under the intake manifold on the passenger side.

How do you install a new ground wire for a 1986 Ford F150?

Just ground the wire with a screw straight on to the frame!

Oxygen sensor could that cause it to hesitate on a 93 F150?

engine light comes on and off. when light is on it hesitates and transmission slips. what could cause that on a 93 F150

Where is oxygen sensor on a 1995 ford F150 5.0 L?

Usually in the exhaust pipes coming off the manifolds

Where is bank 2 oxygen sensor 2 on a 2000 f150?

drivers side of engine , downstream from catalytic converter

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1990 ford F150 and how do you change it?

Near the starter on the exhaust header. If it is 1990 it will be fun to break the rusty sensor out of the truck. good luck

How do you check cool temp sensor on a 5.8l f150?

How do you check cool temp sensor on a 5.8l f150?

1986 f150 302 emissom light on?

1986 f150 emisson light on is their restn set

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1995 F150 inline 6 with a manual transmission?

Most oxygen sensors are in the exhaust pipe....between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter.

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