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Where to find motor blower resister for 1999 Chevy Malibu and how to change it?


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2007-09-29 22:10:42
2007-09-29 22:10:42

Most of them are behind the glovebox on the heater enclosure. You may have to remove the heater control and/ or radio if that is in the way. The hard part is getting to it; they are usually held in place by a couple of screws and just plug into a connector. I hope this helps you. Mark

>>> Its behind glove box and behind blower motor its has cable divided from blower cable & cable to resister box, Its black box ( u can see cable going in ) attached with 2 screws , its behind blower motor towards front side

>> u have to remove cover on left passenger side ..

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if you lost one or two fan speeds you need to change the blower motor resister. it sells for around $60.00 at a dealer only.

Open hood, locate resister on passenger side of firewall, unplug the electrical connection, remove the three screws and remove resister.

The blower motor is under the glove compartment

Remove the HVAC rear module auxiliary assembly.Disconnect the electrical connectors from the rear blower resister auxiliary.Remove the air outlet duct from the rear blower motor controller auxiliary.Remove the screws from the blower motor rear resister auxiliary.Remove the rear blower motor resister auxiliary.Replace the resister and install new thermal gasket.................

Probably your blower motor speed resister is burned out.

Blower motor NG. Blower motor resister NG. Blower motor fuse NG. Blower motor switch NG.

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Look at the link I posted, that should help you. (:

Under the hood on the evaporator case.

1999 S10, it should be under the hood, on the firewall, on the passengers side, close to the blower motor.

Under the hood, passenger side firewall, close to the heater blower motor.

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You have a bad blower motor resister.........

The blower motor speed resister is burned out. This part is available from your local auto parts store.

Only for the high speed blower function. The lower speeds go thru the blower motor speed resister.

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