Where to find the antifreeze?

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Your local auto parts store can help you.

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Q: Where to find the antifreeze?
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How can you find out if you have an antifreeze leak?

Pressure test the cooling system Monitor antifreeze level

Antifreeze leak from top of engine?

Find source and fix it.

You are losing antifreeze cant find leak no drops on ground?

You may have blown a head gasket, check you oil to see if the antifreeze is leaking into there.

What to do if a Chevy Malibu is leaking antifreeze fast?

Find the source and repair it.

Antifreeze leaks out when you pour into radiator?

Find where it is running out and repair the cause.

Where is antifreeze found?

You can find antifreeze at most large department stores in the automotive section or at an automotive store.

When antifreeze boils a engine can no longer transfer heat to a a cool engine?

If your antifreeze got hat enough to boil, you need to find out why then replace it. It will not do the job it is supposed to.

Is fish that live in polar waters have a natural chemical antifreeze called glycoprotein?

It seems so. You can find more detail in the Wikipedia article on "Antifreeze protein".

Your cavailer is leaking antifreeze like a faucet?

OK, find the leak and repair it.

How many gallons of antifreeze must be mixed with 70 gallons of 25 percent antifreeze to get a mixture that is 80 percent antifreeze?

Find the overall balance of antifreeze: amount of antifreeze to start with + the amount of pure antifreeze to add = amount of antifreeze in the final solution Let X be the amount of pure antifreeze to add in gallons. (70 * 0.25) + X = 0.80 * (70+X) 17.5 + X = 56 + 0.8X 0.2X = 56 - 17.5 0.2X = 38.5 X = 38.5/0.2 = 192.5 gallons

Where is the antifreeze tank in a 1992 Honda Prelude?

there is an antifreeze overflow tank, look on the radiator next to the radiator cap and there should be a smallish hose, follow it and you will find the tank.

What should you do when you notice an antifreeze leak?

Find where the leak is and replace the hoses or gaskets which are the culpret.

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