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Find source and fix it.

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Q: Antifreeze leak from top of engine?
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Engine diagram for a Lincoln Town Car executive?

Antifreeze leak top of engine

How do you fix an intermittent antifreeze leak from the engine?

Have cooling system pressure tested to determine origination of leak

What causes an antifreeze leak towards the top of the engine block on a 1993 eagle talon?

You've got a blown Headgasket. Don't drive it !

What chemicals will damage an auto engine?

Antifreeze if you get an internal leak in your engine it could ruin the motor

What would cause fuel leak on top of engine?

fuel leak on top of what type of engine, gas or diesel?

Where is the most probable location of an antifreeze leak on a 1996 GM 1500 The leak is pure antifreeze leaking under the front of the engine?

Radiator or hoses. Possible water pump

Antifreeze leak in 99 Jeep?

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.

What causes Antifreeze in engine oil?

HEadgasket failure, internal oil cooler leak.

What would cause engine oil to leak into antifreeze?

cracked head or bad gasket

Is it safe to drive with a antifreeze leak?

Yes, IF the leak is not so severe as to overheat the engine. Any coolant leak needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent engine damage caused by overheating.

What causes antifreeze to all leak out?

A leak.

What will cause a 2000 dodge stratus motor to smell like antifreeze when you have drove it a few miles?

An antifreeze leak.An antifreeze leak.

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