Where was the German army was defeated by Russians?

The german army was first lost at the battle of moscow. The next German army lost at the battle of Stalingrad. When Germas started reatreting they lost the batlle of kursk. But the battle took place in the small village of Prohorovka, near Kursk. Over 3000 taks were at the battle of Kursk. Then when the Germas were retreating the last main battle was battle of berlin or near the river Oder thats where the main battle was before Berlin. So as the Geremans lost control at the river Oder the nextr main battle was at Berlin germans suffered huge losses in the battle. And on May 8 the Germans signed the surrender and Hitler commited suicide along with Goebbels the main leader of the propoganda, and the leader of the SS which was Henrich Himmler.