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Where were the Mayans located?

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Mexico and Central America.

Yucatan, Beilce, Guatemala, Honduras.

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Where was the Mayans located?


Where were the Aztecs and mayans located geographically?


Where is the Mayans locatian?

The Mayans are located across Central America and certain parts of Mexico.

Can you show me where the Mayans were located?

Go to the link below and then scroll down. There is a good basic map showing where in Central America the Mayans were located.

Where were the mayans geographically located?


Where the Olmec was located?

where the Olmec was located? where is the Inca and Aztec located? where is the Mayans located? who is the king? what was their culture like? why did they not existing?

Where were Mayans located?

Northern Central America and parts of Mexico

An important ceremony center for the mayans people was located at?


What was the major civilization located in Central America?

There were the Aztecs and the Mayans.

What continent was the Mayans located on?

North America, Mexico in particular.

Which continent were the Mayans located in?

North America, mainly Mexico.

How long were the Mayans invented?

Mayans were in production for several years in a plant located in western Idaho. The location of the plant is unknown. Demand for Mayans decreased after a news report on Good Morning America said they claimed that the Mayans did not perform their purpose; growing 20 feet tall in order to deliver pizza to woodland creatures located in the upper part of California Redwoods.

What was the location of the myan empire?

the Mayans empire was located in Mexico and central America

What is Inca?

Inca is an anciaent civilization and is located in Cusco. They are kind of like mayans and Aztecs.

What country were the Mayans from?

They were part of the Mayan empire which was located in current day Latin America

Are the incas mayans and Aztecs tribes from America?

Yes, some groups of them were located in Central America.

What did Mayans do with money?

The Mayans did not have money.

What are the contrasts of Aztecs Mayans and Incas?

Aztecs and Mayans developed their respective civilizations on central and southern Mexico, in an area known as Mesoamerica. Inca people were located on present-day Peru, in South America.

What weather did the Mayans have?

The Mayans had hot weather.

Where did the Mayans settle?

the Mayans settled in peten

What did the Mayans live in?

the mayans live in mexico.

What do the Mayans wear?

the mayans wear clothing

Who did Mayans trade with?

with other groups in the Mayans

Did Mayans have terraces?

why did the mayans build terraces

Were did the Mayans go?

The Mayans turned into Mexicans