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They were at sea. Mainly they were ferrying aircraft to a different base, I don't know which one. They also conducted assorted training exercises while they were out. It was just plain lucky that those aircraft were scheduled to be shipped at that time. If the carriers had been at Pearl we would have been in a world of hurt. Michael Montagne The 3 Aircraft Carriers that where suppossed to be in Pearl Harbour where all at sea carrying new planes to the American Bases on Midway and the west Coast of U.S. I sincerly thing that if the 3 aircraft carriers scheduled to stay in Pearl Harbor they would have been sunk or damaged during the whole war, but that dont mean the United States would have lost the War, there where many other cariers in good condition, and dozens being pruduced silently in the ports. The Saratoga was in port at San Diego, California, the Enterprise was 200 miles west of Pearl Harbor returning from Midway where it had delivered aircraft, and the Lexington was 460 miles east of Midway on its way there to deliver aircraft.

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Q: Where were the US aircraft carriers when the Pearl Harbor attack occured and why were they not at Pearl Harbor?
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