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They were at sea. Mainly they were ferrying aircraft to a different base, I don't know which one. They also conducted assorted training exercises while they were out. It was just plain lucky that those aircraft were scheduled to be shipped at that time. If the carriers had been at Pearl we would have been in a world of hurt. Michael Montagne The 3 Aircraft Carriers that where suppossed to be in Pearl Harbour where all at sea carrying new planes to the American Bases on Midway and the west Coast of U.S. I sincerly thing that if the 3 aircraft carriers scheduled to stay in Pearl Harbor they would have been sunk or damaged during the whole war, but that dont mean the United States would have lost the War, there where many other cariers in good condition, and dozens being pruduced silently in the ports. The Saratoga was in port at San Diego, California, the Enterprise was 200 miles west of Pearl Harbor returning from Midway where it had delivered aircraft, and the Lexington was 460 miles east of Midway on its way there to deliver aircraft.

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Q: Where were the US aircraft carriers when the Pearl Harbor attack occured and why were they not at Pearl Harbor?
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What survived the pearl harbor attack?

The Aircraft Carriers

What American ships were not in Pearl Harbor?

The Aircraft Carriers were not in Pearl Harbor during the attack.

What ships survived Pearl Harbor during the attack?

aircraft carriers

Which ships survived the attack on pearl harbor untouched?

aircraft carriers

How many aircraft carriers were sunk on pear harbor?

No U.S. or Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S. carriers were at sea and not at Pearl Harbor as the Japanese leadership thought they would be.

How did japan attack peral harbor?

The Attack came from a Japanese attack force of Aircraft carriers that sent in Aircraft fighters and dive bombers.

What did japanes miss in pearl harbor attack?

the aircraft carriers (the main targets) because the carriers were out to sea..........

Which kind ships survived the attack of Pear Harbor untouched?

aircraft carriers

How many air crafts carriers were sunk during Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?

None. Unfortunately, for the Japanese, there were no aircraft carriers docked at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

What was not damaged in the attack on peral harbor?

At the time of the Attack the US Navy Aircraft Carriers were out to sea and were not in port.

Which ships survived the attack on pearl harbor?

three aircraft carriers survived by chance

Even though the Japanese were successful in their attack on Pearl Harbor no were damaged?

Aircraft carriers

How many aircraft carriers were destoyrd in the attack of pearl harbor?

None. Those targets were not there.

What did they attack Pearl Harbor for?

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was an attempt to disable the US Navy. Fortunately the aircraft carriers were not in port and the effort was unsuccessful.

What attacked Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese navy in two attack waves, totaling 353 aircraft launched from six aircraft carriers.

How many Japanese planes took off from aircraft carriers during pearl harbor attack?

340 Japanese Naval aircraft took off for the harbor

Why did japan choose the method of the pearl harbor attack?

The plan was to destroy the American fleet in port, but the primary goal in the fleet were the aircraft carriers. The aircraft carriers were not in port then.

What allowed the American Pacific Fleet to survive the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

American aircraft carriers were out at sea at the time of the attack

How many Japanese aircraft carriers attacked Pearl Harbor?

Six fleet carriers. The names of the carriers was ziukaku, shokaku, akagi, kaga, hiryu, and soryuThe Japanese used about four aircraft carriers during the attack on pearl harbor. Each carrying about ten to twenty Japanese fighters.

Was the attack on Pearl Harbor a suicide mission?

No, it was not a suicide mission, but it was a surprise attack. The Japanese launched aircraft from six Aircraft Carriers, the planes that survived the attack returned to their carriers. The Japanese only lost 29 aircraft, 4 midget submarines and only had 65 soldiers killed or wounded in the attack. This was out of a total of 353 Japanese aircraft invoved in the attack. The attack on Pearl Harbor was December 7th 1941, and Kamakaze pilots were not used until 1944.

What aircraft carriers went down in Pearl Harbor?

If you mean what carriers were sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 in the Japanese attack, the answer is none. All three Pacific Fleet carriers were all at sea, delivering aircraft, or on exercises. The fact that none of the carriers were present during the attack (along with the failure to launch the third wave attack and destroy the oil storage and submarine facilities) is counted as the reason the attack was a strategic failure for Japan.

What was the most important boat at the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The number one target for the day was absent; the aircraft carriers.

Did the japese fail their attack on pearl harbor?

They were pleased with the results however they were not pleased that the aircraft carriers that they expected to be there were gone.

What ships were not at pearl harbor the day of the attack?

The main aircraft carriers. This is one reason people call this a conspiracy.

Which two types of naval vessels did the Japanese NOT destroy during their attack on Pearl Harbor?

Submarines and Aircraft Carriers.