Where would be the best part of America to open up a veterinary facility?

That would all depend on what type of veterinary practice you were doing. One aimed at horses would obviously want to locate in an area with lots of horses, where one aimed at parrots and similar housebirds would do better in a more upscale urban environment. Usually when you open a business, you have already determined that there is a market need - this is critical. To find out whether or not a certain market area would support a vet clinic, you should perform a feasibility study or market opportunity analysis, or hire an individual to perform these services for you. You can find great service providers online at eLance.com or Guru.com. If you want to go it alone, start by visiting association Web sites such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (www.avma.org). They should have a ton of information available. Try e-mailing them and ask where in the US there might be a shortage of vets. I do know that many vets are approaching retirement age (as are dentists), so there will be a great need opening up. Also check the Web site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook (www.bls.gov/oco/). They should have a detailed profile of veterinary medicine as an occupation. Good luck!