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That would all depend on what type of veterinary practice you were doing. One aimed at horses would obviously want to locate in an area with lots of horses, where one aimed at parrots and similar housebirds would do better in a more upscale urban environment. Usually when you open a business, you have already determined that there is a market need - this is critical. To find out whether or not a certain market area would support a vet clinic, you should perform a feasibility study or market opportunity analysis, or hire an individual to perform these services for you. You can find great service providers online at or If you want to go it alone, start by visiting association Web sites such as the American Veterinary Medical Association ( They should have a ton of information available. Try e-mailing them and ask where in the US there might be a shortage of vets. I do know that many vets are approaching retirement age (as are dentists), so there will be a great need opening up. Also check the Web site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook ( They should have a detailed profile of veterinary medicine as an occupation. Good luck!

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Who is the best veterinarian?

There is no single best veterinarian, mostly because there are so many different aspects of veterinary medicine. The best orthopedic veterinary surgeon would not be the best veterinary parasitologist, for instance, and there's no way to pick which specialty is the most important or best.

What is the best veterinary programs?

There a several highly accrediated veterinary schools. According to national rankings Cornell University has the best veterinary programs.

Where would one find out where the best paying Veterinary Technician Jobs are?

One can find some best paying Veterinary Techinician jobs in the following sources online; Veterinary Staff Unlimited, KU Medical Center Employment opportunities and Vet Tech Institute.

Whats the best college for a vet to go to?

Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. is an excellent veterinary college. The University of Saskatchewan also has a fabulous veterinary program. One of the finest in North America. And A&M

Who is the best veterinary in world?


Where is a veterinary hospital in Jasper, TX?

There are a few Veterinary Hospitals in Jasper, TX. The best way to find the closest one to you would be to access the website and enter in your zip code. The best one in my opinion is Jasper Animal Hospital.

Where can you download Veterinary books for free?

To the best of my knowledge, nowhere. The Merck Veterinary Manual is available online at no cost to everyone, but otherwise veterinary books are quite expensive and have to be paid for.

What are the best veterinary schools in the United States?

Association of American vetrinarian medical college's they are a very fine place to learn how to save animals an awesome staff might I add.It is a very refined facility you should go there and check it out.

What is the best field of science to go into for veterinarians?

Veterinary Medicine

Where is the best university to study veterinary medicine?

ATM university

What are the best veterinary schools in California?

the stupid school of randomness

What are some of the best Veterinary schools in the country?

Some of the best Veterinary schools in the country are Cornell and the university of Colorado. I know that there are only a select few in the country, so it is very hard to get in to them.

Which university is the best when it comes to veterinary degree?

Here is a list for the top schools in veterinary studies. The universities are listed as some of the best in the US. It list the best ones. The link is provided below

Which is the best veterinary clinic in Moreno Valley CA?

Sunnymead Veterinary Clinic located at 24588 Sunnymead Blvd. in Moreno Valley, CA.

What is the best way to travel America?

I would travel by plane and car around America.

Is there any scope for a combination of veterinary medicine and MBA?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no formal combined degree program with both veterinary medicine and an MBA. However, there is a great need in veterinary medicine for trained veterinary businessmen, and some veterinarians do return to school and complete an MBA program to help them understand and run the business of the veterinary clinic.

Where is the best place to get a dog neutured?

You should get a dog neutered at a veterinary facility, because they can provide the proper care that your dog will require. Check your local phone book to find a certified and qualified veterinarian near you that will do the procedure. Source: I work at a vet office.

Is it hard to get into veterinary programs?

Yes it is hard to get into veterinary program but not impossible even if your grades aren't the best. Make sure you do well in the sciences and maths.

What is the best way to find a drug rehab facility online?

Probably the best way is to type in drug rehab,the name of your state,and then .com.For an would probably be the best option.

What is the most best invention from America?

I think that the car would be the most best invention!

Which online vet school is the best?

There are no online veterinary colleges - the skills you need to become a veterinary are too hands-on (performing a physical exam, evaluating lameness, etc.). If there is an online college claiming to offer degrees in veterinary medicine, that school is not accredited in the US. However, there are online veterinary technician schools; as a veterinarian I would caution any applicant to ensure the school is accredited through a credible third party organization and that there is sufficient hands-on and face-to-face teaching for you to learn the technical skills required of a veterinary technician.

Where can I find a veterinary assistant school that has financing available in Boston?

There are many online courses to become a veterinary assistant. You can also check at local community colleges to find the best schools with the best financing options.

What are the best places in which to look for local veterinary clinics?

The best places to look for local veterinary clinics are local listings, such as those in the local paper or the Yellow Pages. Failing that, you can ask on local forums and blogs.

What is the best animal hospital in New York state?

Rhinebeck Animal Hosiptal is one of the leading and also one of the best animal hospital or veterinary hospital in New York state nowadays. Curing animals with best veterinary doctors in state.

What schools have the best vet assistant classes?

Veterinary assisting courses are offered through a number of different types of educational facilities. High schools, colleges, veterinary medical associations and private companies are some of the institutions that offer veterinary assisting courses. The value of the courses is dependent on the knowledge and experience of those who wrote the course materials and teach the courses. Courses offered through colleges that also offer a veterinary technology degree or that are offered or approved by a veterinary medical or veterinary technician association are the best courses, in general. These situations guarantee that veterinarians and veterinary technicians are involved in building and teaching the courses, which means that the materials are approved by people with advanced knowledge and experience in the veterinary medical field.

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