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Where would go to get a loan on a car that was repossessed?


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You dont they most often get liquidated at dealer only auctions.


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That's the point. They want the money, not the car, so they garnished your wages to pay that loan. Keep it, drive it, enjoy it. If you want to sell that car, any money would FIRST go to pay that loan and you could keep any cash left over.

No you can't be sent to prison.You can declare bankruptcy .

I would suggest you go to They have an excellent loan calculator that you can use for all different types of loan, not just a car loan.

It is possible but not advisable to break a lease on a car. The car would be repossessed, and the repossession would go on your credit report.

There are many places one might go get a car loan if one had bad credit. One of the best options for anyone seeking a car loan would be one's financial institution.

The car will be sold to satisfy part of the loan. Any money left over after paying for the repo man, and any admin costs will go toward the loan. After that, whatever is left on the note is your responsibility. You STILL have to pay off the loan unless you file bankrupcy.

The short answer is yes, if you want to keep the car. Otherwise the loan will go into default and it will be repossessed. If you did not sign for the loan, it will not affect your credit.

YOu can get a loan for a car or anoth vehical just like you would get any loan. Go to your banking institution first to see if they offer it at a lower rate.

Just go get another car. Do not worry about that, lots of places do there own loans and you do not have to go through a bank.

It would go to a car auction and sold on to a new owner and may be sold for a price much less than it is worth

If you don't pay your car payments, people go to your house and take it away.

well, if you want the loan AND the car, go get it. Tell the bank that you will keep the car.The bank really doesnt want the car, they want money.Otherwise, the bank will let him give it up if he cant pay. THE co-signor is the one with GOOD credit. If the signor didnt need help getting the loan, there would be no "co" signor.

no, your car loan is secured by your car, your mortgage by your home

Once it is repossessed, you are ll done with the car and any issues arising from it. Your credit score will take a hit, but that does not mean you can never get anything else on credit. It does mean that your interest rates on a new or used car will be much higher than they normally would be, so forget about ever getting a zero percent deal on than new mercedes! The car will go to auction and the "owner" of the loan will get what they can for it. You MIGHT get a letter from them telling you what the car sold for BUT that does NOT mean that you are to pay the balance between what you owed and what it auctioned for. Nor are you to pay any towing fees. You are all done with that car and that loan forever. Phil

Hector, Ive never heard of a bank that specializes in that type of loan. That doesnt mean they are not out there. Usually you go whereever you have good enough credit to get the money. If your credit is good enough, the bank that repoed it will loan you money on it.

You don't. The car will go to an auction, and the highest bidder will win it.

go to the bank and ask for a car loan they will help you through the rest

No. You cosigned on the loan. You are the bank's back-up payment if the first person defaults on payment and you become responsible. That is why it is very important that you trust the person you cosign for or you have the funds to pay for the car if they default. If you pay for the car, it becomes yours. Before it was repossessed, the bank should have notified you in writing. Then you have the option to take the car and pay for it. Both credits will by hurt substantially.

The car will be repossessed, unless you surrender it. If you owe more than the car is worth, the lender will not likely want to accept a surrender unless you can pay the balance due on the loan. Your state may not allow creditors to go after loan balances if they repossess a vehicle. Consult a local bankruptcy or consumer debt attorney.

The parties who signed the loan are responsible for paying the loan. You can do the B/K deal just like the co-signor did and it will all go away.

The vehicle will be sold at fair market value and the proceeds will go to pay off the secured loan. If the auction price does not cover the amount of the loan plus fees - then yes, the balance would be due from the consumer.

The estate has to resolve all debts. That would include paying off any claims against it.

then you go and kick that person and repposses that car.... They call cops and you ignore those guys....

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