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Where would the oxygen sensors be located on a 1997 Dodge Dakota?


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2007-02-23 18:28:27
2007-02-23 18:28:27
There are two and they are on the exhaust pipe. One in front of the catalytic converter (upstream) and one behind (downstream). Replacement is roughly equivalent to replacing a spark plug. Make sure to get the special socket that Autozone loans out. Hey Bob==They are on the exhaust pipes.I don't know if it has one or two. GoodluckJoe

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A 1997 Dodge Dakota has two oxygen sensors.

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The oxygen sensors are screwed into the exhaust pipe near the catalytic converter.

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On the 98 u have two oxygen sensors an upstream and a downstream. The upstream oxygen sensor is located closer to the front of the truck by the transmission. The downstream oxygen sensor is located on down torwards the back of the truck along the side of the frame.

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