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Where would the transmission vacuum modulator be on a 1992 ford ranger?


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On the passenger side of the automatic transmission ( I believe it's behind a heat

shield )


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check for a failed vacuum modulator or a vacuum leak to the vacuum modulator. It sounds like you are shifting on the governor or engine management unit.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but the automatic transmissions on a 2001 Ford Ranger would be electronically controlled , so there wouldn't be a modulator valve

pro bably the diesel leekedNot knowing what the vehicle is I would say the transmission vacuum modulator is bad.

There is no adjustments to a 350 Turbo Transmission (GM). The only external thing that would cause shift problems is the vacuum modulator on the side. This is replaceable easily. Check for proper vacuum signal to the modulator. Make sure there are no holes and or kinks in the vacuum line from the engine to the modulator. If none is found, replace the modulator for shift complaints. If it is slipping, the tranmission will require removal and overhaul. This transmission uses wet clutch plates and automatically compensates for wear in the plates to a certain point.

on some cars there is a automatic transmission modulator valve that tell by vacuum when to shift gears. If that valve goes bad you will get tranny fluid in your lines.

i would check the vacuum hose that goes to the vacuum modulator on the transmission the vacuum modulator probably has a hole in it and the fluid is going into the engine and being burned or check your coolant the radiator may have a hole in the transmission cooler inside the radiator so check your coolant and the vacuum hose for trans fluid good luck

vacuum modulators are used on automatic transmissions to control line pressure relating to the way a shift feels when a transmission changes gears. Later models went to a fully electronic valvebody with line pressure controlled by the vehicles computer.If your question concerns a1996 Ford Ranger with an automatic transmission and a 4.0 liter V6 engine then the answer is--- you can't because this vehicle doesn't use a modulator for the transmission. If your asking about the modulator because the trans is shifting hard then you probably need to have the computer scanned to check for diagnostic trouble codes which would cause a condition called ''failsafe''. Line pressure is raised to protect the trans and to alert you to the fact that something is wrong. 4R44E-4R55E

Could be caused by low transmission fluid, the modulator valve or even a vacuum line being off. It could also mean that you need to have your transmission serviced.

cable is demand vacuum modulator is vacuum which translates to LOAD> last is governor ,and this is speed bases (rpm at tail shaft) how is that.

You would need a ported source for the distributor, constant for a pcv valve, constant for power brakes, and constant for transmission modulator if automatic.

Sounds like it may be a vacuum leak Check fittings and vacuum hoses under hood, under dash and at vacuum modulator on transmission

I could be wrong, but I don't think you have one; if you do it would be near the trans pan. If your transmission is shifting poorly I would change the filter and fluid.

Check to see if your transmission has a vacuum modulator. If it does, it could be leaking and fluid could be getting sucked into the engine. If it's a slow leak, the engine would burn that much fluid without too much trouble. See if there is a vacuum line between the transmission and engine. If so, disconnect it and see if there is fluid in it. If it has fluid, there is a vacuum leak in the transmission and you'll need to get it fixed.

Either you have a vacuum leak on your transmission or the bands on second and third gear are burnt off. Try pulling off the transmission oil pan.(if you do this make sure you have enough Auto Transmission fluid to put back in unless you find a bunch of sludge in the pan. If this is found then the bands are burnt off and the transmission should be replaced.) For a vacuum leak start up the vehicle and open the hood. If you hear a hissing sound then there is a vacuum leak and it usually is down on the transmission itself or right at the carburator. you can check the vacum at the modulator with a vacum gauge. if you pull the hose off the modulator & trans fluid comes out them the modulator is bad answer if you are saying that the trans does not even try to shift out of first then you have trash in the valve body or broken parts. if the vehicles pulls from first then the engine revs up and does not pull then the clutch packs have failed. a vacuum modulator causes hard/slow shifting but does not stop the trans from shifting

A better question is why would you want to put a ranger transmission on a mustang

I was doing my on-line search regarding your problem and this is what I found.The vacuum modulator is on the rear side of the case. You will see a metal line from the engine vacuum going to it. I wouldfirst check to see if vacuum is at the unit. If there is vacuum, replace theunit. If no vacuum check for a leak on the line. The unit will be secured with asmall bolt and clip. Be careful removing it from the case, there will be a pin inthe center inside hole of the unit and this needs to go back with the newmodulator unit. Be sure there is engine vacuum, you will have to idle the engine,secure the brakes and slide under to the transmission to do all of this. This iswhat the transmission monitors the speed of the engine by, when it's not gettingany vacuum or the unit is bad the transmission will be in full throttle mode andwant shift until the engine over revs. These things also go bad and leak fluid intothe engine intake, causing the fluid to check low every engine oil change but nevershowing a leak on the under side.Good luck, maybe this will help

I would start by looking for worn vacum line to modulator. Or the modulator could be bad. the modulator is located on the transmission which tells the transmission to shift when the vacum pulls a diaphragm inside the modulator a certain distance. some are adjustable with a flat blade screw i believe.

It sounds like the modulator is not letting the transmission shift up, make sure all vacuum lines are attached and transmission fluid is at the proper level, if no luck have it checked at a transmission shop.

That would be a version of the A4LD automatic transmission

Answer 1 - Faulty Spark Plug WiresAlthough it's possible, more than likely not. If plug wires are faulty, then that condition should cause the same performance issues [skipping, cutting out, dieing, etc.] regardless of the transmission being in forward or reverse. Often, engine missing when in reverse gear [if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission] indicates a possible vacuum leak in the vacuum line going to the transmission modulator valve, or in the modulator valve itself.

open hood right side, find air intake into engine look straight down, here is transmission move towards coolant/radiator fan gray or gold cylinder in side of trans near electrical connector

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