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If its an 89, it will be on the drivers side, closes to the firewall, of the cylinder head

Only the High Output ( 92-96) is on the thermostat.

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Where would you find the engine coolant temp sensor on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?


What would cause a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am's engine temperature gauge to not work?

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Why is your low coolant and service engine soon light on?

Low coolant would be because the coolant is low or the sensor has failed, Check engine light would be because the computer has detected a problem and set a code.

Why would a 1996 buick regal stall after heat stop working?

Make sure you have engine coolant. If the engine isn't getting enough coolant, it will overheat, stall and possibly destroy the engine. One symptom is that no coolant is circulated into the heater. Also check the crank sensor, but check coolant first...then the crank sensor.

Why would a engine coolant sensor and coolant temp sensor read different?

A coolant sensor could be a liquid level sensor and the other is a temp sensor OR The coolant is different temperatures at different places inside the engine and way way cooler when it comes out of the radiator so where the two sensors are mounted can cause difference's. OR they are two different pieces and calibration will not be identical and they will produce slightly different readings.

Where is located the engine coolant temperature sensor in a Honda?

(based on a 96 civic LX) I believe the engine coolant temperature sensor is located on the side of the engine (opposite of the camshaft). If you need more details, I would recommend you to download the service manual on

What sensor is on driver's side head on 1993 Chevy s10 4.3 V6?

That would be the engine coolant temp sensor for the dash gauge only. The sensor near the thermostat housing is the engine temp sensor for the ECM.

Why are there two coolant sensors on your 1998 ford escort se?

One sensor would be for your engine temperature gauge and the other sensor for the OBD II engine management system

How do 98 Saturn SL2s monitor the coolant level?

Coolant level would be a sensor going into the fill cannister on the left side of the engine bay. Temperature would be done with the sensor just below the EGR valve on the engine just above the transmission bellhousing. Tiny little wire going into a single plug sensor.

Why would the low coolant light stay on in a 98 ford tourus v6?

Bad coolant sensor or faulty wiring to the sensor.

What is the engine coolant water mix for a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado?

50 50 coolant is what i use- would suggest no more han a 60 40 mix.

What would cause a 1989 Chevy pickup to run like it is flooding out?

The engine coolant temp sensor can do that. If you have a check engine light on, have the codes read.

Where on the motor is the temp sensor for 1997 s10 2.2?

The engine coolant temp (ECT) sensor on that 97 S10 2.2L would be found close to the thermostat.

What would keep the engine running cold in a 96 Pontiac sunfire a faulty Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor or a bad relay for the cooling fan which keep the fan always running or both?

more likely to be a faulty coolant sensor or the thermostat is faulty and staying open

How do you replace bad coolant sensor?

If it is a temperature sensor, it is usually located on the top of the engine near the thermostat. If it is a "low coolant sensor", then it is located in the radiator (it will be the only item in the radiator that has a electric wire going to it) Either way, you would drain the coolant enough to be below the sensor, and then remove it and replace it with a new one. They are usually under $10-$20

Where is the ect censor in a 1995 Chevy Blazer?

Assuming this is a 4.3L engine the ect (engine coolant temp sensor) would be located next to the thermostat housing.

Would a coolant sensor make a 1992 gmc hard to start when cold?

Yes, a faulty coolant temp sensor can do that.

Will a 2004 grand jeep Cherokee 4.7l engine fit a 1999?

It would fit, but it would not run properly. The cam and crank sensor tone rings inside the engine are different.

Why would the low coolant light come onon a 2000 Sable?

In the engine compartment, on the left side of the engine is the coolant reservoir. In the coolant reservoir, there is a sensor at the bottom of the reservoir. This sensor is supposed to let you know when you are low on coolant, but can also become defective, and give you a "false-positive" reading. The only way to know this is to check your coolant when the low coolant light comes on. If there is a significant decrease in coolant, you may have a problem in the cooling system , but if you don't, chances are the sensor isn't working. If the sensor is the problem, you can unplug it from the coolant reservoir, by unscrewing the two screws holding the reservoir to the car's inside firewall, then tilting the back of the coolant reservoir forward until you see wiring coming from the bottom of the reservoir, which is the plug for the low coolant sensor. Unplug the sensor, and the low coolant light won't come on anymore. However, you will now have to make sure you check your coolant level in the reservoir on a regular basis.

Why would a 94 blazer show hot on the gauge when it is not?

Why would the temperature gauge indicate an overheated condition when the engine is not hot. It could be the gauge in the instrument panel. Unlikey however. More likely it is a bad coolant temperature sensor or the wiring from the sensor back to the instrument panel. Inspect the wiring and replace the coolant sensor. The sensor is not too expensive.

On a 1999 Dodge Caravan why would the fan for the engine constantly keep running?

Air conditioner or defroster on - normal should be running Vehicle low on coolant? Trying to keep engine in normal range Defective coolant sensor?

On a 92 dodge Dakota 3.9 where is the temperature sensor and the oil sensor on the Dakota a diagram would help?

coolant temperature sensor is the right of the coolant outlet line on the top of the engine when looking at while standing in front of the truck. it has a black two prong clip attached to the sensor. the oil temp switch is to the left of the coolant outlet line. it has a single black wire coming off of it.

2001 cadillac catera What would cause a coolant low light although the tank is filled to cold line and the engine is not over heating?

Bad sensor? There is a coolant temp. sensor that goes bad. Mine been on for over a yr doesnt mean it is low....just bad sensor.

Where is the coolant temp sensor located on the diesel engine of a Toyota lucida year 1992.?

I don't know but I would like to know as well.

Where is engine coolant temp sensor located?

Front of the cylinder head behind the thermostat housing. Location would vary depending on application. The year, make, model and engine info would help.