Where would you publish your manga if you made one in the UK?


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You would publish your Manga at Anime UK News if you made one in the United Kingdom.


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The Naruto manga first came out in Shonen Jump in 1999. It's based on a one-shot Kishmoto made. The one-shot came out in August 1997.

To "self publish" means to publish something without the help of a major publishing firm, omitting the requirements of an editor and getting your work out there without anyone "rejecting" it.

easy, go online and look for one and book and appointment. That doesn't mean your manga would b aired.

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Some guy told me I should send a manga company a one-shot. If they consider it a great manga, you can make your own manga. That's how many manga writers like Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto) started out. If your manga is way popular, the manga company's boss or publisher would discuss with you if you would want it turned into an anime, I think. So you should think about finding the adress or manga company building. Its cool you want to make your own manga, because I want to make my own too! Good luck, have fun!Tokyopop, a major manga publisher in North America, holds a contest for people to submit their own manga - it's called The Rising Stars of Manga. Some successful manga have spawned from this! You also may want to purchase a manga editor for your computer, such as Manga Studio 3.0.

Transforming Manga to Anime is hard. REALLY hard! So whoever is waiting for a new manga to transform into a Anime. It would take pretty long, so be patient pal! One day it will come out! ^ ^

this manga can be read for free at either manga fox, one manga or zen manga :)

Assuming you mean Episode 260 of the anime, there isn't a manga chapter for that one. It's part of a story arc that allows Tite Kubo to publish new manga chapters. Episode 260 is part of the "Beast Swords Arc" in case you wanted to know that, too.

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Unless the manga ends, there's no way to know.

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probably naruto, which would be followed by bleach and one piece

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