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in 1990 the eaton supercharger only contains oil (self contained)

air charge is cooled via air to air intercooler. looks like a small radiator,

that is what all that cast alum.tubing goes to and from.(3.8L sc)

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Q: Where would you put the coolant for the super charger in at on a 1990 Ford Thunderbird super coupe?
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Where is the cam sensor on your 1990 thunderbird super coupe?

Above the water pump below the super charger where the distributor would be if it had one. Its a little hard to see at first but can be seen from the front of the motor.

How much does a 1990 Ford Thunderbird weigh?

A 1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe weighs approximately 3,600 pounds.

What happens when the serpentine belt for the super charger breaks on your 90 thunderbird sc?

you fix it

Was the 1993 Thunderbird available in a 5.0 SC?

The Super Coupe was only equiped with the 3.8 L, V-6.

What is the firing order for a 1990 thunderbird super coupe?

1-4-2-5-3-6. From my Haynes manual

Does a 1992 Ford Thunderbird have an automatic or manual transmission?

In 1992 the Ford installed manual transmissions in the Super Coupe ONLY, automatic was an extra cost option. Thunderbird, Thunderbird Sport, and Thunderbird LX, in V-6 or V-8 had automatic transmissions ONLY.

What is the value of a 1993 limited addition Bill Elliott Thunderbird?

A 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super 2 door coupe low retail, $3400. Average retail, $6150. High retail, $9500. It is all about condition and factory options.

When was Super-Charger Heaven created?

Super-Charger Heaven was created in 1995.

What is engine torch for 90 thunder bird super coupe?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : A 1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe ( that has the supercharged 3.8 liter V6 engine ) is rated at ( 210 horsepower at 4000 RPM and 315 ft. lbs. torque at 2600 RPM )

When was Super-Charger Hell created?

Super-Charger Hell was created on 2000-05-09.

What is better a super charger or a turbo charger?

turbo chargers

How much horse power does a 94 Ford Thunderbird have?

Standard 3.8L 140 hp V6 Super Coupe 3.8L 230 hp V6 LX 4.6 V8 210 hp

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