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Your local NAPA store can print off a diagram

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What is an engine cat of an automobile?

the cat is a short term for the catalytic converter. An exhaust system component. It helps to keep pollutants down.

H-r diagram of stars?

That is short for Hertzsprung-Russel diagram.

Explain about write a short notes about Winchester drives with diagram?

show diagram of whinchester

Where you can get a wiring diagram for a 99 sunfire that shows the rear defrost circuit My brake lights turnhazards and rear defrost keep going out for short periods of time need diagram.?

In situations like this it is best to have a diagram to help. A diagram rear defrost wiring system of a 1999 Sunfire can be found in its maintenance manual.

What is the difference between a ducted exhaust and a ductless exhaust?

A ductless exhaust provides a short channel for the airflow to pass through, while a ducted exhaust provides a pathway to move the air far away.

How can you get more horsepower for your 2003 Silverado 4.3L?

Well, you could try a nitrous system. But that is very short term. You're going to have to get more fuel and more air into the engine and open up the exhaust system to get more air out. Get an engine programmer (available after market) to fine tune the fuel/air system. Installed tuned headers, and an opened up exhaust system to let the increased air out.

Is a longer or shorter exhaust more efficient for performance in a dirt racecar?

The short exhaust should be more efficient and increase power.

How do you make a mustang sound mean?

By adding a dual exhaust and/or exhaust headers either short or long tubes for sound and performance

Is a diagram and a venndiagram the same thing?

a Venn diagram consists of two overlapping circles, and is generally used as a compare and contrast diagram. a diagram in general is just a way to show information. in short, they are not the same thing, a venn diagram is a type of diagram.

How are the exhaust and intake valves arranged in the 3400 V6 Aztek?

intake short push rod, exhaust long push rod. put short push rod on rocker closes to intake manifold.

What is anH-R diagram?

That's short for Hertzsprung-Russel diagram. It is a diagram in which the total luminosity versus color (and therefore temperature) of many stars is plotted.

Can cutting the exhaust too short on a third generation camaro cause the motor to shake too much?

The exhaust might shake, not the motor I had dual side exhaust on my 88 350 ran sweet!

Diagram of a penguins wing shape?

The Pengnuins wing is too short to

Can you cut your exhaust short and not hurt your engine?

As long as the muffler and catalytic converter are intact

What does HEGO mean on the fuse system on Ford Falcon 98 EL in main fuse terminal to alt and battery there is a short to ground and between the fuse terms?

Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen ( sensor )

How does a car catch on fire while idle?

Several things can cause a fire. A fuel leak or transmission fluid dripping on a hot exhaust can cause a fire, or an electrical fire can occur from a short in the system.

What is the Loudest exhaust for 86 Chevy 350?

the absolute loudest exhaust is short open pipe above 2 1/4 inch diameter. the shorter, the louder

Help one day my cars exhaust is clean like new and the other its black is the car trying to tell me something is it burning oil or what?

Sounds to me like the clean one is not being used at all, maybe it is a fake dual exhaust. I took that to be that you have duel exhaust, sorry. Sometimes a short drive or several short drives will leave the exhaust pipe sooty black. A good long highway drive will leave the exhaust pipe greyish white. This would be normal.

I replaced the coil wire in my 1994 dodge ram 2500 after it touched the exhaust manifold and melted but i now have no spark?

sounds like the coil wire melting to the exhaust caused a short circuit in the ignition system, check all your ignition fuses (at the fuse box most likely under the hood) and go from there.

You have long push rods and short push rods which ones go where?

long ones are exhaust

Where can you find a diagram of the whole electrical system including the spark plugs of a Toyota corolla 94 station wagon?

I'm looking for it right now.. if i find i will write back in a short period of time..

Do i need a catalytic converter with a catback exhaust?

Catback is shortened slang for "everything back from the catalytic converter". It is a bolt on exhaust which connects to the rear of the pipe holding the catalytic converter, and ends with the muffler and exhaust tip. In short, you need a cat to have a catback.

Who knows any dealers or companies that make aftermarket items for an 1981 AMC Eagle which has a complete MPI system with wiring intake manifold a plastic cover exhaust header and short or long tuning?

Try Clifford Research.

How much horse power dose headers give you?

Depends on the car, the intacke system, and the rest of the exhaust system. Results tend to be better on large engines such as big block V-8's. Some small 4 cyl engines gain little to nothing with headers. Often they are not worth the money. Depends on the brand and how much you wanna spend on them. V8 can get short lenght mid leght or long tube and long tube will give you about 30 hp but that's with aftermarket exhaust. Short tube are about 12-18.

Can a a clog catalytic converter drain your gas?

If you mean drain your gas from the tank then no. The catalytic converter (catcon for short) is part of the exhaust system which only deals with the burnt gas coming out of the engine. If you mean drain your gas mileage, then yes. When part of the exhaust is clogged up the engine has to work harder to push the gasses out which means it'll burn more fuel to create the higher pressure required to push the exhaust past the obstruction.