Avatar The Last Airbender

Where you can watch episodes of Avatar the Last Air Bender online?


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There are a lot of websites you can watch them on.

You can also buy them on iTunes.

Check out the related link for websites.

  • The avatar portal is the best place. they have all episodes and you don't need to download anything to watch them. the quality is DivX perfect and they stream quickly
  • A really nice place is avatarchapter. They say mozilla is required but it works with explorer.
  • Actually, try avatarchapter. They give you all the episodes, and several different videos of each one. It's great. Not to mention nick gives you several. Click on Aang's picture at the top of the screen, then click on full length on the side of the screen.
  • You can go to nicktoons network if you have cox cable, or you can go to nickelodeon.
  • I watched the entire series on digavatar.com, which has no time limit and has plenty of mirrors for each episode. It's really great and I would definitely recommend it

There are plenty of places to watch avatar. here are some-