Which Founding Fathers were federalists and which were anti-federalists?


When the Constitution was up for adoption by the states, the country split into two political parties: Federalists supported the Constitution, Anti-federalists didn't.

Federalists included:

John Hancock (Massachusetts)

Alexander Hamilton (New York)

James Madison (Virginia) [Madison would often switch between sides]

John Jay (New York) --- these 3 guys wrote The Federalist Papers

George Washington (Virginia)

John Adams (Massachusetts)

Most all of the Founders who framed the Constitution supported ratification, EXCEPT:

George Mason (Virginia)

Edmund Randolph (Virginia)

Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts)

Other anti-federalists included:

Samuel Adams (Massachusetts)

Patrick Henry (Virginia)

Richard Henry Lee (Virginia)

These are the leading figures on both sides.

Thomas Jefferson was not in America, and seems to have supported the Constitution, but on one condition: that a bill of rights be added. In the United States, George Mason championed this move for a bill of rights, and therefore, after the Constitution was ratified, Congress drew up such a bill. George Mason is known, therefore, as the "Father of the Bill of Rights."