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Past presidents who attempted to pass health care reform include, but not limited to, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton and now Obama. Yes, two GOP presidents, Eisenhower and Nixon attempted to do it.


Medicare passed during Lyndon Johnson's administration; that was a huge accomplishment. The Social Security amendment was signed into law July 30, 1965.

The attempt to pass a national health care plan dates back to Teddy Roosevelt's 1912 US Presidential campaign. Some European countries had already implemented national health coverage and the equivalent of Social Security pensions by then.

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Q: Which Presidents tried to pass health care reform?
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Obama is the president that proposed the health care reform and implemented it.

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No, it did not get passed by congress. In 1993, President Bill Clinton, assisted by his wife, First Lady Hillary Clinton, tried to promote a health care reform plan. But it proved very unpopular and the two were ultimately forced to abandon any efforts to get health care reform passed.

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What is health care reform?

Health care reform is the idea that the current health care system must be changed because it is not effective, wise or fair. Currently there is a debate in the United States about what health care reform should look like for Americans. The United States enacted legislation March 23, 2010 that improves health care access and strengthens insurance oversight, adopting methods piloted by individual state systems.

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Is it health care reforms or health care reform?

Gramatically, it is "health care reform"-- the word "reform" is used here in the singular, because it is expressing something in a general sense. We would use the plural when referring to specific laws or policies: The reforms that the president supports include X, Y, and Z.

What did president clinton tried to reform after taking office?

After taking office, President Clinton attempted to reform the nation's health care system, but failed. Bill Clinton served as the 42nd U. S. President.

2 What is the purpose of the health care reform?

The main purpose of the health care reform is to help out the 50 million people on America who do not have health insurance and to help people who have health care conditions but are being refused coverage from insurance companies, or are being charged huge prices.

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Who was the leader in mental health care reform?

Dorothea Dix

Which was NOT a major social issue of the 1980s?

Health care reform

What was not a major social issue in the 1980s?

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Which policy shows that Obama is a progressive?

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What are the benefits for people over 65 with this new health care reform?

The Health Care Reform has many benefits for citizens of the United States, regardless of age. Specifically for the over 65 population, the Health Care Reform targets lowering prescription medication costs, strengthening Medicare services, and improving long-term care facility services.

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