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Which US state has a lot of petroleum?

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Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, California,

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Texas is the number one petroleum producing state.

The US has the most petroleum. However, demand is so high that the US has to import most of the petroleum it consumes.

The US has a great deal of petroleum, and deposits are located all over the US.

Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation was created in 1979.

The physical state of petroleum at room temperature is liquid.

No it isn't a petroleum it is a gastric state of vapors.

they produce minerals petroleum machinery ( John deer items) flurite corn and a lot more

The US does use it's own petroleum sources. It doesn't produce enough for it's own demands. Petroleum exported by the US is not in as high a demand within the US.

how else is petroleum used in the united states

How does petroleum oil help us in our everyday lives

The official reason is national security, so that the US petroleum reserve can be maintained for use in the case of war.

The raw feedstock for a lot of polymers is indeed petroleum.

Petroleum helps us make many different materials and products, to help us in life.

The US consumes 21,000,000 barrels of oil per day and only around 6,000,000 barrels of that are produced within the US. The rest of the petroleum must be imported.

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Secretary of State Seward was instrumental in the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. he cost was $7.2 million. Alaska in more than two times the US State of Texas. It's rich in minerals and petroleum deposits.

It has a lot of importance since most of the world's fuel is based on petroleum in some way.

There are a lot of differences between the US Constitution and individual state constitutions. The US Constitution rules over the state constitutions.

The US imports cars, computers, refined petroleum and crude petroleum. The US also imports pharmaceuticals, broadcasting equipment, and gas turbines.

petroleum after combustion releases a lot of residue such as CO,hydrocarbons,sulphur particles which are atmoispheric pollutants and so it pollutes

The petroleum engineering courses in England are pretty competitive. There are a lot of things you have to prove to get into the courses.

Russia has a lot of natural gas and petroleum.

Oh yes! Not many students are going into petroleum engineering, whereas former P.E are retiring therefore more demand. Also a lot of oil and gas is being found around the world therefore compaines will be hiring a lot petroleum engineers!

Petroleum is known as "Black Gold", cause it's Black and it's worth a lot and is indispensable for the human civilization !

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