Which anchor in Spain's Museo de Anclas Philippe Cousteau which also is known as the Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum belonged to a ship built by the Bath Iron Works?

The anchor for Velasco [L-11] was built by the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine in 1952. The ship originally was named USS LST-1156 and became known as USS Terrebonne Parish [LST-1156]. LST-1156 was launched on August 9, 1952 and commissioned on November 21, 1952. LST-1156 was affectionately named by one of her early crews 'T-Bone.' LST-1156 was loaned to the Spanish Navy on October 29, 1971. Spain purchased LST-1156 on May 17, 1978. LST-1156 was renamed Velasco by the Spanish Navy.

To see the Velasco anchor at the Philippe Cousteau Anchor Museum, please visit the link provided below.