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Animals that have tusks may be found on land and in water. For example, the elephant has two tusks, and lives on land. Having tusks also is a characteristic of the narwhal and the walrus, which live in water.

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What is the animal that hunters hunt for their tusks?

Elephants are hunted for their tusks

How long were the big tusks?

Your question does not have enough information to be answered. Tusks on what animal? When? Where?

What sea animals have tusks?

The most iconic sea animal with tusks is the Walrus.

Which animal has the longest tusks?

Elephants have the longest tusks. On average elephants have tusks measuring 5m or 16.5 ft long.

What is an animal hunted for its tusks?


Where are tusks on an animal?

coming out of their mouth

Which animal has two tusks?

tusker ------------- An elephant has two tusks. Many poachers hunt down and kill them for their tusks as they are high in value.

Does ivory come from animal or plant?

Animal, from tusks to be precise.

Do Elelphant tusks fall out?

No, they keep them for a life time. The tusks keep growing as the animal ages.

What animal gives ivory?

elephant tusks

Which animal has longest tusks?

giant monster

What is a tusked sea animal?

A walrus has tusks.

An animal with tusks that begins with e?


What is an animal with big tusks not an elephant?

The walrus is the only other animal with big tusks, although narwhals have a single, long horn protruding from their forehead.

How do elephants use their tusks to defend themselves?

When they are approached for a fight they defend them selves with their tusks by ramming them into the other animal.

What animal does the male only have tusks?

Elephants walrus

What is a seal like animal with tusks called?

A walrus.

How does a hippo kill?

It actually has tusks that it stabs the animal with ! ;)

From what animal do you get ivory?

elephant tusks are ivory.Walrus also has ivory and is used the same way elephant tusks are used.

From what animal is ivory obtain?

Ivory is the tusks of elephants. Unfortunately, people hunt the elephants for their tusks, causing them to now be endangered.

What animal has 2 tusks on each side of its snout?

an elephant

What is an animal with tusks called?

elephant Mammoth... does extinct count?

What is an animal from the Ice Age?

The mammoth was an Ice Age animal. It resembled an elephant with long tusks.

What did the woolly mamth procet its sllef with?

First Its tusks..... its tusks could rip through skin second its size..... it was the largest animal back then

What animal has tusks?

Elephants, Warthogs, Wild Boar, Walrus and the Narwhal.