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Currently, all vaccines on the market today only exist for diseases caused by viruses- though not all diseases caused by viruses have a corresponding vaccine. Notably, the common cold (rhinoviruses) and AIDS (HIV) have no vaccines.

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How vaccines are beneficial?

vaccines are useful to protect from diseases to human bodies

Do vaccines kill viruses or horrible diseases?

Vaccines don't kill viruses or diseases; they prevent disease before you are infected.

When were germs discovered?

In 1796 Edward Jenner discovered a safe and sure way of preventing a ... described germs that caused diseases that were smaller than bacteria. ... Many germs can be used to make vaccines to protect people from getting certain diseases

What is the difference between vaccines and medications?

Vaccines prevent diseases, medications treat them.

Do vaccines protect against bacterial diseases?

Yes, there are vaccines which can protect against bacterial diseases for instance the tetanus vaxine is one of these.

Why don't vaccines protect against all viral diseases?

they don't protect against all viral diseases because unfortunately some diseases have an immunity to vaccines

What can prevent some bacterial diseases?


Can vaccines prevent bacterial diseases?


What diseases don't have available vaccines?


A Vaccination is the most effective tool for?

Prevention of infectious diseases when vaccines are available for them. There are vaccines available for many viral and some bacterial contagious diseases.

What Diseases do Vaccines prevent?

Vaccines prevent so many diseases like t.b, herpese, hapetitis b, hiv, stds and so much more.

What is the difference between antibiotic and vaccines?

antibiotics kill germs and vaccines prevent you from getting sick from diseases

Are vaccines used to convey immunity to diseases?


Can Hepatitis B vaccines transmit bloodborne diseases?


Why do vaccines NOT protect against all viral diseases?

Mutation. As the virus mutates, previous vaccines will no longer be effective.

Are there any vaccines for any noninfectious diseases?

No, not at this point in time.

True or false some diseases can be prevented with vaccines?


Why have scientists developed all vaccines?

In hope to prevent diseases.

Which French scientist discovered vaccines?

Louis Pasteur

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by?

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by reducing the incidences of deaths by many diseases.

A vaccine provides?

Vaccines provides active immunity to certain diseases.

3 DNA Viral Diseases Prevented by vaccines?

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Did louis pasteur have any disease?

Louis Pasteur was instrumental in finding vaccines for diseases. He did not have any diseases himself

Who discovered vaccines?

Edward jenner is considered the first person to use and study vaccines..Hope that helps

How have vaccines made a difference in the world?

By when people have them they stop you from getting the illness so less people have been getting diseases because of the vaccines