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Hey there, im not quite sure if its zebra loach. I reckon gourami would go alright with him. I wouldn't put anything in that's too small like tetras, barbs. but maybe even platies or swordtails would go well

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What are some freshwater fish that are herbivores?

Silver Dollars and Plecos are the two major fish i can think of but most aquarium fish are omnivores. I think but im not to sure but loaches like the dojo loach,clown loach, and coolie loach are also herbivores.

What types of fish eat snails?

Freshwater most commonly known is the clown loach. Saltwater most commonly known is the Trigger fish.

What fish are compatible with African cichlids?

For true compatibility always select fish that require the same kind of alkaline water conditions. This restricts your choices to " fish from the same or similar sources". ie other Africans. It is easier to say what fish are not compatible. The answer to that is Most Fish are not compatible with 'Africans' and fish from the 'Amazon' are probably the least compatible.

Is it possible for a male Siamese fighting fish to eat a Loach fish whole?

No! The betta fish might pick on the loach but it cannot "eat a loch whole", a loach can sometimes bury itself under aquarium sand or hide under aquarium decor, most loaches are shy, and prefer swimming at the bottom. Some are nocturnal, your loach is probably hiding somewhere. Bettas have small mouths and cannot really eat anything whole if it is more than a few millemetres across. Plus, a betta's stomach is only as big as a small bead so I doubt it could eat any fish whole.

Do peppered loach's eat other fish?

No they will not. They are very peaceful and I've kept one with no problems at all. I have fish in my tank that are a LOT smaller than my Peppered Loach and he is the most peaceful, non aggressive fish ever.

What fish are Danios compatible with?

It's easier to say they are good community fish that are compatible with most normal tropical fish. They are not compatible with fish that need special water conditions like Discus or African Cichlids. They are also not suitable to be mixed with large predators like Oscars or Arowanas who would hunt and eat them.

Do community sharks eat guppies?

The things you are calling "Community Sharks" are not sharks but some species of loach. Like most other larger fish they will eat baby fish but they will not eat fully grown Guppies.

What fish go with glo fish?

Well, glo fish are just zebra danios geneticly engeneered. So most fish will go with them. Anything that is not aggressive or a lot bigger than them should be fine.

What fish can go with a beta?

Piranha :DBeta fish are known to be compatible with most other types of fish. They seem to only have a problem with their ownspecies.

Can glo fish live with tetrras?

Glo fish are Zebra Danios that have been injected with a jellyfish gene to make them glow. They can mix with most Tetras OK.

You have really small snails in your fish tank and they are killing all your fish does anyone know how to get rid of them or why and how they got there?

The snails in your fish tank most likely came in as eggs on fresh plants. To remove them you can actually just fish them out, or you can get a chemical from the pet store to kill them, or the easiest thing to do is get a Clown Loach, they apparently eat them.

How do you tell if a glo fish is a boy or a girl?

First I'd best tell you that any kind of fish can be genetically altered to make it a 'glo-fish'. The most common species available is the Zebra danio. (Danio rerio). If it is a Zebra danio, the females are chubbier than the males around the tummy when they are in reasonable condition.

How long after a zebra danio fish gets pregnant will it give birth?

Female fish lay eggs. Then males come near and fertilize the eggs Most tropical fish give live birth

What is faster a pinto or a zebra?

most likely a zebra

What are female bettas compatible with?

Most any other community tropical fish, with the exception of any fish small enough for the beta to kill and eat.

What do zebra danios eat?

In the aquarium the Zebra danio (Danio rerio) will eat most good commercially available tropical fish flakes. Like nearly all fish they really appreciate a feed of live food (daphnia etc) and/or finely chopped earth worms.

Where to catch pokemon in LeafGreen compatible with surf?

Fish in the water: most water Pokemon are compatible with the move surf. NOTE: magikarp cannot learn SURF, whereas gyarados can. Strangely, furret is also compatible with surf. So yes, basically fish in water. OR my personal favorite, lapras!! <3 Hope this helps!

My fish has eaten another fish what shall i do?

There is nothing to do about one fish eating another. That is perfectly normal behaviour for most species of fish. Maybe now you will check and make sure that whatever fish you put together are compatible and of a similar size.

Is a puffer fish nice to other non-puffer fishes?

Most Puffer Fish are compatible with fish around the same size of the Puffer Fish. If you have a fish a lot bigger, or smaller than the puffer, it has a lower chance of being "nice" to the other fish.

What kind of fish go good together in a ten gallon tank?

Oh several you could have zebra danios.guppies.platys,mollies,neon tetras,glowlight tetras and most peaceful small fish.

What is most compatible with a Capricorn?

They are most compatible in realationships with Gemini's.

Which fish looks like a snake?

that would be the eel. But there are also water snakes that are posinous.Well most likely it is an eel but it may be a snakehead fish which is a new fish scientist have found in the Himalayas!!!!glass lizard, loach, moray eel, those acient sharks that look like snakes,and last i dont know?

Can you put a zebra fish with discus fish?

no, discus are very slow moving fish zebras are one of the most active fishes. The zebras would stress the discus so much, they might die. If you want pretty fish that are also small, get cardinal or rummynose tetras.

Could you put a black kuhli loach alone in a 5 gallon tank?

You cannot put a black kuhli loach in a 5 gallon tank at all, they need a 10 gallon tank at the very least. The maximum size that this loach gets is about 4-5 inches, so a 5 gallon is out of the question. As far as I have read, the black kuhli loaches like to be in schools of about 3-4, and you wouldn't want to have them alone, since the are community fish, they can go with platies, most tetra's, mollies, swordtail's, and small plecos. they just can't be alone or with fish bigger than them that will eat them. hope this answers you question.

Your fish keeps turning to its side but its not floating upwards so you were thinking maybe its not swim-bladder disease but another disease anyway you changed the waterwhat should you do?

what kind of fish is it..... a clown loach will behave this way normally... he is NOT sick, for most others types this would be unusual behavior.

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