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If I understand your question, you may be referring to Exodus 19:4 which says that God carried Israel on eagle's wings.

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Which bird fed the israelites while they were in the desert?

It was the quail.

How many animals of each sex did Moses did he take on the ark?

It was not Moses, but Noah, a lot before Moses' time. He took them by two (one male and one female) according to Genesis 6:20. According to Genesis 7:2-3, he took seven pairs of every clean animal and bird onto the ark and one pair of every unclean animal.

Is it safe for a puppy to eat a whole bird?

Depending on if the bird carried diseases, i would get your puppy check out by a vet.

What effect does Moses and his tale of Sugarcandy Mountain have in Animal Farm?

moses is a bird, and he tells the animals about a place called sugarcandy mountain which is an allegory for heaven.

What is the meaning of dead bird in driveway?

Either a bird has died or been killed on the driveway, or it sdead body has been moved there (for example by wind or carried by another bird).

Is bird really the word?

according to my calculations bird is the word bird=word

Which bird carried messages during World War 2?

Homing pigeons.

What type of bird did God provide for the Israelites in the wilderness?

The Israelites were mad at God and Moses because they didn't want to eat manna anymore (because they were complaining people) so God gave them quail.Jewish answer:Quail.The Israelites weren't "mad" at God. The first to speak up were the newly-arrived converts (Numbers ch.11), not the Israelites. Rather than "madness" at God, they wanted God to demonstrate His presence (Exodus 17:7) by providing for them, just as God wanted them to demonstrate their obedience when He tested them by giving them an unfamiliar food (Deuteronomy 8:2-5; see Exodus ch.16).

Did Hera carry or have something with her at all times or occasionally?

She carried a scepter and had her pet bird, the peacock, with her.

In British falconry the kind of bird you had on your wrist indicated your social rank What bird now surviving on city roofs used to be carried by earls?

Peregrine falcon

What bird in great droves fed the Israelites in the wilderness?

The birds that the Israelites ate (Exodus ch.16, Numbers ch.11) is translated as quail. They ate the quail for two brief periods, not for the whole forty years.

Larry bird once said at a Boston victory parade Moses really does eat blank . when?


How is a strangler fig tree pollinated?

The seed is carried by a bird or wasp then it is dropped on the ground and starts growing.

What NBA player retired unexpectedly on November 71991?

Michael Jordan Larry Bird Magic Johnson Moses Malone

What actors and actresses appeared in The Haloed Bird - 2001?

The cast of The Haloed Bird - 2001 includes: Agnes Gardette as Julia Milton Moses Ginsberg as The Golem Nina Posnansky as Julia

What is Greece's national bird?

According to the website "I am afraid that Greece doesn't have a national bird."

Do birds have dander?

According to Lori they do. My bird is danderfull.

Which part of the bird is the heaviest?

According to my researches,its the chest.

What carries chlamydia psittaci?

Chlamydia psittaci is a bacteria carried by many types of birds, including pigeons, canaries, parakeets, parrots, and some gulls. Humans acquire the bacteria through contact with dust from bird feathers, bird droppings, or from the bite of a bird

What is the Californian state bird?

California valley quail is the state bird of California, according to Encyclopedia Britannica online.

What is an example of a polysynaptic reflex arc?

There are a couple of experiments that have been carried out to show how complex polysynaptic reflexes are. Firstly, an experiment was carried out with a bird after its brain had been removed. It was expected that the bird would not be able to fly. However, it managed to fly to the nearest ledge. This shows that flying does not require motor cortex. Secondly, an experiment was carried out with a cat that had its spinal cord cut. The cat still withdrew its paw when it was subject to painful stimuli.

What is bronze horn carried in opening cermonies?

It is the ceremonial bird feeder of London, representative of the cycles of nature. Long live the Queen!

What is the most prolific bird on earth?

According to PBS it is the Finch

Did tweety bird have a girlfriend?

yes. according to wikipedia sources.

When did the dodo bird come extinct?

1681 According to Wikipedia