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The mounting bolts that attach the compressor to the engine.

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How to adjust the clutch for a 5 speed manual transmission on a Dodge Ram 1500?

If it is a hydraulic cluth then there isn't really an adjustment. If it's mechanical then just loosen the bolt/nut on the fork on the rod going to the transmission.

How do you loosen your paintball gun triger?

It depends on which marker you have and which trigger is on it. Typically the manual will tell you how to adjust it

How do you adjust the air conditioner idler pulley on a 95 Geo metro?

you dont adjust the pulley you move the compressor,there are two bolts you loosen then an adjustment bolt you screw it or out to move the compressor retighten all bolts and recheck tension

How do you remove compressor belt on a 2000 mercury villager?

Loosen the tensioner locking bolt and and back off the screw. Consult a manual if you are not familiar with how to do this.

How do you adjust the ignition timing on a manual transmission 4 runner?

what year is it? I have an 87 4runner manual trans. first you should pick up a repair manual for your truck. first you will have to retard the timing this is achieved by by taking a small piece of wire [jumper wire] and jumpering to terminals in diagnostic center [the repair manual will tell which ones] this is located right behind the battery on the passenger side, then hook your timing light up to your no.1 plug wire, loosen the distributer bolt and adjust as needed

How do you adjust transmission linkage on full size 1987 ford bronco?

look under the driver side right beside the transmission there is a slide with a bolt and nut loosen them and have someone put the lever in place then tighten

How do you adjust a parking break on a 97 eagle talon tsi with a manual transmission?

i have a 1996 ESI and if your sitting in the drivers seat to your right on the center council there the ashtray and the cup holder you can pull that up and you will see a bolt type thing attached to your e-brake and you can tighten it or loosen it as you please.

Is their a tesioner pulley on a 1994 geo prism?

Yes, it is used to adjust the tension on the A/C compressor. Looking into the engine compartment from the passenger side it is to the left of the alternator. To adjust tension you need to loosen the bolt which holds the pulley and then adjust the bolt which is directly above the pulley. Once you have proper tension tighten the pulley bolt.

How do you adjust the linkage on a turbo 350 transmission?

Thats fairly easy to do. First block the wheels so the vehicle will not roll. Put the transmission into neutral. Go under the car and on the drivers side of the transmission pan you will see the linkage. Remove the pin holding the linkage to the transmission. The linkage should slide in and out of the transmission shift bracket easily. If not loosen the nut on the linkage and adjust it until the linkage slides in and out without binding.

Where is the camshaft positioning sensor located on a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis?

It located on the passenger side of the engine just behind the AC compressor. The service manual says you have to discharge and remove the AC compressor, however, i was able to loosen it and it gave me enough room to replace it.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1995 Ford Mustang GT?

You add the trans fluid where the dipstick is at, if it is a manual then you will have to go under the car where the transmission is find the check level plug on the transmission loosen the plug and stick your pinky in it if fluid touches the pinky then your good if not add the fluid there!

How do you lower toro lawnmower engine idle?

You adjust the run and idle speed with the governor wire...loosen the nut and adjust it.

How do you replace transmission mount Ford Focus?

Loosen the transmission mount retaining bolts. Loosen the back to engine retaining bolts. Jack the transmission of approximately 1 inch. Remove the transmission mount bolts. Remove the transmission mount. Reverse the process to install the new transmission mount.

How do you adjust your valve train?

Usually you have to remove the valve covers and tighten or loosen the nuts holding the rocker arms on. there are many different orders in which to do it so consult a Chiltons or some type of manual for your vehicle.

Adjust low beam on shadow Sabre?

You can't adjust high beams and low beams separately. All you can do is loosen the head light and adjust the tilt, then tighten it.

How do you drain the transmission fluid in a dodge NV4500?

There's a plug on the bottom of the transmission pan. Loosen and remove it, and the transmission fluid drains out.

How do you replace the serpentine belt for a 1993 Mazda Protege?

you have to loosen a bolt on the front of the AC compressor, I think its a 12mm. You loosen it and the the AC compressor will then be able to rotate downward, sometimes the compressor gets stuck with age and you might need to tap it down with a mallet. Once the compressor rotates downward the tension in the belt will be gone and you can change the belt. Then tighten the same bolt until you achieve the desired tension

How do you adjust the door striker on 2000 f350?

Loosen Nadar pin and move, BUT DO NOT REMOVE

Where is nut to loosen rotor to adjust 4 timing?

Should be on the side of distributor housing

How do you change transmission oil Renault Clio 2006 1.4 Automatic?

To change the transmission fluid in you Renault Clio you will have to remove the transmission pan from underneath the transmission. The easiest way would be to loosen your back bolts first about half way out and then loosen up the rest about a quarter of the way.

How do you adjust the alternator belt tension on diamante?

Loosen the alternator tensioner bolt. You will be able to slide the alternator either way to adjust the tension on the belt.

How do you replace a serpentine belt for a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder?

There is either a tensioner or an adjustment screw on a pulley. A Haynes manual or Chiltons manual will help with the routing of the belt, and how to adjust the belt tension as well. Usually the idler pulley is used, before loosening the top bolt , loosen the center bolt of the pulley.

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