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This is a tough question to answer 100% accurately. The first consideration is popularity of the car. If the car is/was a large seller, parts are generally cheaper for several reasons; the after market is larger, more cars have been totaled out and their parts are available at a junk yard, etc. The next consideration is where the was actually made. Some Toyotas are made in the US and some Fords are now made substantially in Mexico.

The general rule of thumb is that US car parts will be cheaper since there will be no import tariffs/fees. Though a Honda Civic will have cheaper parts than a Ford Expedition, for example.

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1995 Toyoto 4 Runner fuse box diagram?

Fuse box diagram for a 1995 Toyota four runner

Where can one find more information about Toyota incentives?

Information about Toyoto incentives can be found on the official Toyota website, Edmunds, BuyAToyota, NadaGuides and other websites which focus on Toyato cars.

Where can someone purchase Toyota floor mats?

Toyoto can be purchased at any retail stores specializing in Toyoto which is also accessible online or if you are unable to pay those prices you can visit gumtree or any other sites or shops to purchase second hand products.

For what model years were Toyota Supra cars produced?

Toyoto Supras were produced between the years 1978 and 2002. They were discontinued as they were no longer well received by the consumer. Furthermore, Toyota had to find ways to cut down their operating costs and increase their productivity.

What country makes Toyoto cars?


What is the price of toyoto alphard car?


Will a toyoto camary motor fit a Toyota supra?

no Camry motors are for front wheel drive vehicles and supra motors are rear wheel motors which means the way the motors are turned are different.

What is the top rated car insurance for a person that owns a Toyota vehicle?

They're are many auto insurances to choose from but the general consensus would be that for Toyota cars would be Allstate. They provide some of the cheapest rates for Toyoto cars while also offering great quality service.

Where PCV valve location on 2004 toyoto Camry?

The PCV valve on a 2004 Toyota Camry is located on the top, left side of the engine. It filters air which is circulated through the engine to remove harmful gas buildup.

Where is the fuel pump on a 93 toyoto t100 4x4 truck?

In the fuel tank

Which car manufacturing company uses tagline 'Touch The Perfection'?


Does a 2000 V6 Toyoto Tacoma have a timing belt or chain?

It has a timing belt.

2001 toyoto blows fuse when you go in reverse?

Not enough information. WHICH fuse blows out???

Does a toyoto tocoma have a timing belt are a chain?

4 cylinder has a chain, V6 has a belt.

Where can I find price for a 2000 Toyoto Avalon xls?

Blue book prices are $6320 and $8450

Are there any good hybrid trucks on the market?

Chevy and Toyoto have had some good reviews. Chevy hybrid is leading in at the number one hybrid truck on the market to date. Toyoto hybrid trucks come in at a close second followed by the Nissan hybrid truck

Was the toyoto gxl 1995 model with 5k engine 1.0L?

5k engine has a 1,495 cc displacement or about 1500

What is life expectency on 1999 toyoto corolla?

With proper maintenance a Toyota Corolla will have a reasonable engine life expectancy well over 200,000 miles and maybe far beyond, there are confirmed cases of 350,000 miles and unsubstianted reports of 500,000 miles. They are one of the most reliable and durable cars on the road.

Where do you find the freeze plug on toyoto tercel 1995 1.5 liter?

You can find the freeze plug (opening for the Block Heater in Canadian versions) just behind the headers (exhaust pipes leaving the engine) on the left hand side.(facing the engine) At least on my 1992 Toyota Tercel. Engine code 3E-E.

Why does only one windshield wiper work on toyoto corolla?

Wiper Spindle loose or stripped. Linkage broke. Motor broke.

What is the best option Maruti Swift Diesel or i20 diesel or toyoto etios liva diesel?

swift diesel give good mileage

Does a timing chain on a 4 cylinger toyoto need to be changed?

No, it should last the life of the engine if you change your oil/filter as outlined in your owners manual.

What movie and television projects has Toyoto Fukuda been in?

Toyoto Fukuda has: Performed in "Shonin no isu" in 1965. Played Kunio in "Yuki no mosho" in 1967. Performed in "Koi wa midori no kaze no naka" in 1974. Played Tashiro in "Shinkansen daibakuha" in 1975. Performed in "Kosodate gokko" in 1979. Performed in "Yubi" in 1982. Performed in "Kuroi fukuin: Shinpu no giwaku" in 1984.

How do you change the ignition barrel in your toyoto mr2?

if its the Toyota mr2 mk2, then this is easy,1, place the key in the ignition and turn to acc,2, press the small button that is sunk into the top of the barrel behind the facia,3, withdraw the barrel,hope this helps, as for any other way without the key i couldn't tell you, i have just removed mine this way and replaced it

2000 Toyoto camary will not go in gearwhen you put it in drive. If you put it in neutral and put it in drive then it goes in gear?

Check the transmission fluid level.