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Which cars hold their value longest?

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I have read that you can't go wrong with a Honda or a Toyota. In particular the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Corrolla.

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What make of used cars hold their value the best?

Some of the most popular brand of cars that have great resale value are cars such as Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota. These brands have consistent high ratings making them more valuable.

Are cheap cars a better investment than expensive ones?

Cheap cars usually lose their resale value and breakdown much faster than do more expensive cars. However very expensive cars don't tend to last longer than mid-priced cars, though they do hold resale value well.

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Does a used honda integra hold its resale value?

Like most Japanese made cars and trucks a used honda integra has just as much resale value as the comparable nissan or mitsubishi makes. It has been listed as one of the better used cars for its resale value.

What old Dodge models hold up best in terms of resale value?

The demand for them is high and the offer is very low which make the cars have a great resale value.

Which 2012 Chevy cars hold their resale value the best?

While there are many wonderfully made 2012 Chevy cars, such as the Chevy Impala, according to Kelly Blue Book, the Chevy Camaro holds it's resale value the best.

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Which 2006 cars have held their resale value the best?

According to a MSN autos online article it appears that BMW hold the best resell value for 2006. They are followed by Nissan.

How much can anew car depreciate within the first year?

It depends on the particular make and model. Most luxury cars tend to depreciate more than the average car. But some luxury cars hold their value really well. A sports car like the Corvette or Porsche will hold their value really well. And when you look at the average car like a Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, or Toyota Camry you will find that a Honda or Toyota tend to hold their value much more than other cars in this class.

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Do used Acura cars have a good reputation?

Yes. Used Acura cars have a good reputation as they hold their value well in comparison to some other brands. Those who drive Acura really enjoy their Acura vehicles.

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Do pre owned cars offer advantages over purchasing new?

There are advantages to owning a pre-owned car that it is cheaper than a regular car. Pre-owned cars sometimes hold value as well as their new counterparts.

Why American cars don't have good resale value?

There are many reasons why certain American cars don't have good resale value. These cars could be in poor condition.

How do BMWs hold their value as used cars?

Often it is the limited production that keeps the resale value high. For example, the BMW M3 limited edition is number 4 on the top ten list of best cars for depreciation. The BMW 6-series comes in at number 6 because of its limited production.

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