Which caste kalal belongs to?

History is silent about the caste of Kalal's(distillers).They were Hindu,s basically and in Hinduism alcohol drinking was considered as sin and this class of Hindus were wine makers that 's why they were not considered a good community and were levelled as criminals due to social and religious reasons .In the modern India through out the country they are considered a respectable community .They are Hindu and Sikh mix community which is highly educated.They are on very high posts in India for example Montek singh Ahluwalia non economist in world and deputy chairman of Planning Commission of India and Jiswal was deputy Home minister of India and A.K.Walia is health minister of Delhi government .All over the country they are renowned surgeons and businessman , transporters and film industry Pran was non his acting .They are also none as Walia ,s as shortened from Ahluwalia .
Ahluwalia,s never consider themselves as JATT because JATT is no caste .Link of JATT word is with land only those people who have agriculture land they like to consider themselves as JATTS.As compare to other communities and castes Ahluwalia's have great history .In the sikh history SARDAR JASSA SINGH AHLUWALIA IS THE FIRST SIKH WHO HAD A HONOUR TO BE SULTAN-UL KOM AND IN THE GOLDEN TEMPLE COMPLEX HE IS THE ONLY MARTYR IN SIKH RELIGION WHO HAVE SAMAD NEAR THE BABA ATAL JI GURU DAWARA IN AMRITSAR .He was declared as " KALA GURU KA LAL " BY SIKH GURU SAHIB.

So caste which have such great history could not be tied and compare with other communities . Ahluwalia ,s are very liberal and royal type of community and they can recognised by their dress ,personality and life style . Above all they have relations with Jats and but Ahluwalia,s out side Punjab have very rare relations with Jats because of their cultural and high headedness of Jats ,in Punjab they are dominant community in services , agriculture ,transport and other fields .Now a days scene has been changed and young generation not worried about the castism as it was earlier.

Gurjit singh Ahluwalia
Melbourne ( Australia)