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Britain (from 'special relationship')

Canada (alliance in several wars regarding Middle East)

Australia (same as in Canada)

Japan (military alliance and close economic relationship)

Israel (plays a role containing threat of terrorism)

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Britain (from 'special relationship')

Canada (alliance in several wars regarding Middle East)

Australia (same as in Canada)

Japan (military alliance and close economic relationship)

Israel (plays a role containing threat of terrorism)

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Q: Which countries are currently America's allies?
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Who were the first two European countries to bring African slaves to the Americas?

Spain and Portugal.

What countries were the Allies in World War 1?

Triple Entente consisted of the United Kingdom , France and Russia .

Are Belgium and Russia Allies?

I think Belgium have more to do with The Netherlands and Luxembourg (the BENELUX countries) but I also think that during World War 2 the whole of Europe became allies. Except for Germany and Italy of course.

Why is George Washington's farewell address not applicable to today?

George Washington's Farewell Address emphasized neutrality - he had avoided being involved in the French Revolution, although the Treaty of Paris which had America and France bound as allies should brought America to support France, for he and the other Federalists feared that the European countries were "dangerous" to the weak new nation, while the Democratic Republicans felt the French Revolution was regrettable but necessary. This establishment of neutrality as an early theme of foreign policy can not be applied to today, for we are currently involved with many other countries. We have troops currently in Iraq, as well as many small groups of troops stationed in different countries worldwide. This straying of Washington's original foreign policy goal is why it is not applicable to today.

Who was involved in the Columbian Exchange?

The Columbian Exchange involved the trade of slaves, corn, and horses. The only two countries involved were Europe and Africa. The Americas were still considered colonies.

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What countries are currently Honduras' allies and enemies?

Allies: The United States Enemies: El Salvador

What countries are currently Belize's allies and enemies?

Allies: UK, COMMONWEALTH Nations, North America, Caribbean countries, Cuba, Venezuela. Japan Enemies: Guatemala

Who were Americas allies In the war of 1812?

Choctaw, Cherokees, and the Creek allies

How did Americas allies help in World War 1?

Americas allies did most of the fighting, do your research and stop asking broad questions

What countries are currently El Salvador's allies and enemies?

The country that is allies with el Salvador is Spain, USA, and Brazil. Those are the country allies with El Salvador. El Salvador enemies countries is Honduras and Guatemala. Those are the two countries that hate El Salvador. I think because el Salvador its better than them, sorry

Which Latin American countries were allies with Nazi Germany in World War 2?

No country in the Americas was an ally of Nazi Germany. However, the government of Argentina was sympathetic to Germany.

What is political allies?

Political allies are countries that help other countries in war or something.

What countries of Europe are allies?

All countries contained within the E.U are allies. All N.A.T.O members in europe are also allies.

Who are Frances Allies?

France is currently allies with the UK, US, Australia, and Germany

What countries in the Americas still speak native languages?

There are a few indigenous language speakers in most of the countries in the Americas.

Is Egypt and the us allies?

Israel is now the allies of Egypt after they signed a peace treaty in 1979. However, they were not always allies. In 1967 Egypt and Israel went into a 6-day war. In 1956, Israel, along with other countries, invaded Egypt.

What countries were britons allies?