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Which countries does the UK trade with?

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all countries

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How did UK get rich?

By trade with other countries in the world

What countries does Italy trade with?


What types of currency does UK forex trade?

The UK forex mostly trade euros and other general and famous currencies, such as dollars. However, not all currencies are available, especially the ones from countries that do not negotiate with first world countries.

What food does the UK trade with other countries?

the uk doesn't trade that much- but it does export wheats and potatoes- along with some other vegetables that need an average climate that this country provides.

What countries does the UK trade with?

The United Kingdom trade with the United States and European Union as their main source of trade. The United Kingdom trades resources and goods from their country.

What do the caricom countries trade and why do they trade?

What do the caricom countries trade and why do they trade?

Who does Pakistan trade with?

Pakistan trades with many countries but the names of important countries are as below: USA, UK, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, and Malaysia.

Which countries do Pakistan trade with?

Pakistan doesn't trade with many countries. One of the biggest countries it does trade with though is ME ;)

What countries in the UK speak french?

The UK is a country and it speaks English. There are no other countries in the UK.

What do countries trade with other countries?

Countries trade with anything. Money, objects, animals, etc.

What countries are trading partners with the UK?

The UK well trade with almost all country's (there may be restrictions placed on trade with specific nations or specific good). The UK hold particularly close trading relations with all European Union nations. This is part of the European Single Market that aims to enable nations to trade without hindrance often associated with cross boarder trade.Spain Italy,and France

What does the UK trade with the Canada?

the uk trades with canada. What do they trade? They trade fur coats with canada fur and all sorts of things

How much states are in the UK?

The UK does not have states. It has countries, and within the countries there are counties.

What countries do Romania trade with?

Romania has trade relations with the majority of the countries in the world.

Does France trade with other countries?

yes france does trade with other countries

Does the UK have a trade deficit or trade surplus?


What countries does South Africa trade with?

South Africa trades with Japan, the U.S., Germany, China, UK, Netherlands, and all of its other allies

What is Canada's 4 trading partners?

4 major trade partners of Canada are US, Mexico, European countries such as UK, France, etc.

How many countries are bigger than the UK?

19 countries are bigger than the UK

Which countries does Russia trade with?

they like to be self-sufficent, but they trade with other commumist countries.

Why do countries need to participate in international trade?

why is it necessary for countries to partake in international trade

Why do countries erect barriers to trade?

Why do countries sometimes erect trade barriers

How can fair trade help less developed countries?

Fair trade can help less developed countries by allowing them to trade easier with more advanced countries such as the United States. When they are able to trade their goods with richer countries, it helps their economy.

Can countries trade with each other without a Free Trade Agreement?

Yes, Countries can trade with each other without free trade agreement.

Does the UK have a trade surplus or trade deficit?

It has a surplus in trade of invisibles, and a deficit in trade of visibles.